Pure Luxury: mink jacket inlays Vladimiro Gioia

photo mink jacket vladimiro gioia

Matter of Preference: mink jacket

In this photo there are:

My favorite colors: purple and blue

My favorite cat: the sphynx

My favorite fur. From the collection of Vladimiro the mink coat with geometric inlays, crocodile waist band , fox skirt . PURE LUXURY.

Bananas are the only fruit that I can not eat without being centrifuged, so I am puttting them in the category of favorites too.

I could not  publish these photos, I like them like crazy.

lady fur mink jacket fur vladimiro gioia photo 4 mink fur coat vladimiro gioia photo 3  photo mink jacket vladimiro gioia 2 mink jacket vladimiro gioia

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Take a look at Mink jacket category to see all mink fur coats of Lady Fur

Photos : Mattia Moscato

Mua: Silvia Stefanini

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