Beijing Day 2

Lady in Fur on the jury for the Asia Remix

Today I had my first meeting with the jury, I was invited to the home of a woman who is very influential on the Chinese political economic and fashion scene, . Her name is Deng Xiao Lan. I recommend googling her …

The villa of this super business manager is of indescribable beauty; I asked if I could take some pictures but I was not allowed so I refrain from describing it as not to intrude on her privacy.

Needless to say, lunch was great: delicious Chinese food never tasted before, such as pigskin, what looked like oyster shells but more delicious, fish of all kinds, all the pork you could eat and loads more all served on traditional round table . Yes, because in China it is traditional to eat your meals on circular tables that turning on themselves in order to allow you to share food with the other diners.

In the afternoon we had another brief meeting at the hotel and then we all went off to see all the furs of the contest competitors. Very creative.

The Remix Asia was held at the Kerry Hotel in a very nice room and the event lasted just over two hours.

The most important Chinese press was present and this allowed me to meet so many people in the industry such as Manakas, Avanti Furs, Kopenhagen Fur, Ying Yang, Parodis, Dong Sung Kim, Saga Furs and many others.

As for the winner of the event, furs, etc. .. I will reveal everything in the post that I will publish soon with an attached video of my experience in Beijing.

In this picture I am with Ms. Fang Linping one of the most elegant women I interviewed in China during the auction of the Kopenhagen Fur. video here

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Miao Miao

Lady Fur


Foto Davide Micciulla

Dress : Manoush

Hat in python : Lady Fur

Fur Bag : Giancarlo Petriglia

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