La Spiaggia Principato di Monaco

In these days I went to Monte Carlo and I had the opportunity to take get some sunshine on one of the most beautiful beaches of Monaco: La Spiagga.

Lady Fur wearing sable vest


Although the weather wasn’t excellent, the atmosphere was still charming and I took the opportunity to spend an exciting day with all my friends.

The hectic life I lead, the job that takes up all my time, the will to reach the goals I put first made me forget how much I miss friends.

But suddenly, amongst the waves of the sea, the golden sand and the white sails silhouetted against the sky, I felt pervaded by a warm feeling impeding me even from moving. I would like to stop time and remain there forever. At that point I realized how much I miss a holiday in the sun.

One part of me wanted to escape to Miami

But reason brought me back to Milan, where a big task is waiting for me: I’m planning my trip to Kastoria, for the Fur Trade Fair to be held from 9 to 12 may.

I wonder if I will have a little time to discover the beauty of those enchanted places.

Sable fur : Carlo Ramello

Eyewear : Italia Independent

Outfit : Moschino

Photo : Alessandra Soldo

Location : La Spiaggia Monte Carlo

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