Vladimiro Gioia managed to make me change my mind about my passion for fox fur coat.


How could you not love this all inlaid fox fur coat? I love inlay work and, even if most people who work in my sector are convinced that it is easy to do, well, they couldn’t be more wrong.

It’s not easy to do it well, although it is to do it badly.

I love fashion, because it has the power to make me change my mind in the blink of an eye. It just takes a stylist doing something new, something strong, and my impression of him or of the product that represents him suddenly changes from negative to positive.

It happened like that for me with fox fur coat.

Lady Fur truth about Fox Fur coat

I had never loved fox fur. Yes on a collar on a stole, on the edges, in inlay work with other short-haired skins, but a fox fur coat no.

I don’t know how to wear it, I am not tall enough, I believe that a whole fox fur better suits a super slim, super tall woman.

I am slim yes, but I am not tall.


for fur coat lady fur vladimiro gioia


fox fur coat vladimiro gioia lady fur


When I wear fox fur coat (an average length one, I mean) I feel awkward and fat.

Only Vladimiro Gioia‘s furs make me feel tall and thin.


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Miao Miao

 Lady Fur

Foto Mattia Moscato 

Mua : Silvia Stefanini 

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  • Lol total fashion fail! Your Simpsons face shorts, the coat (the brown fur reminds me of my poor guinea pig) and your exaggerated total make up face made me laugh. How about going natural and letting your inner beauty shine through?

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