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Sable fur for Christmas. Check!

Sable fur for Christmas! I made myself a gift. It’s better to bring forward this kind of activity. I am right?

I already have made my Wishlist, but as I have written in the previous post, it was not yet finished. When we talk about gifts I always have an idea, but I’m never entirely certain. Other than fur bags, cashmere vest with a Russian sable hood and a Loro Piana cashmere with coated leather. Well, Okay! I have described it enough, but as you know working in this sector calling this kind of fur only a ‘fur’ is diminishing…

Let me tell you how I got this Giorgio Magnani sable fur without having to invest in it. Because, as you know the price of a sable coat is HIGH, VERY HIGH.

Sable fur coat price

A sable fur coat can cost you 1500 euros! Among other things, in January I will go to Sojuzpushnina which is the most famous auction house for the sable fur sales. It is in St. Petersburg, I can’t wait to go and take many pictures and videos for you. Which is why I will do the takeover of Magnani’s Instagram =)

I have taken many courses on mink, fox, chinchilla, seal furs but not on sable fur. At Sojuzpushnina I will be able to deepen my knowledge on this topic.

Sable fur characteristics

Sable fur has fabulous leather, easy to work with and it’s very resistant. The hair varies depending on the sable kind. For example, my favourite is the barguzinsky sable with silver tips, almost white that catch your eye as if they were diamonds.

If the skin is beautiful, usually, the furriers won’t inlay them or anything else: they simply work on the entire skin.

I received many emails from people who inherited a fur from their grandmother and they wanted to sell it, but not all furs are mink, nutria or marmot. I love mink furs but I already have many. If inherited furs would be sable furs I would buy all of them immediately or in any case, they would be easier to sell.

Let’s get back to us.  Let me tell you how I earned my Giorgio Magnani Russian sable fur.

As you know, besides the blog, I have a fashion marketing company and I occupy myself helping companies to improve their brand awareness on the web.

Giorgio Magnani has asked me for a consultancy. Instead of making him pay for the consultancy, I asked him If I could wear more of his fur during the year in addition to a beautiful mink fur that he has given me as a gift and that I will show you in the next posts. A limited-edition mink fur made especially for me.

He had sent me the first fur to be worn for this autumn-winter season. I asked for something sexy, elegant and modern.

But they had sent me the wrong one! The good thing is that straight away, he sent me the right one! He must have read my mind. The fur then arrived at my office. I looked at it and though, even better I started talking to it (well, I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes I talk to myself as if I were crazy): ‘How beautiful you are! Hi! Wait, I will put you on your hanger right away’. And like this, I put it in the closet with trying it on. I went to lunch, came back and tried it on. I went from ‘HI HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE’ to ‘HI I LOVE YOU; I WANT YOU’

And I kept it! I wrote to Giorgio Magnani’s team a message asking if I could keep the sable fur, negotiating and offering other consultancies.

In the end they told me I could keep it. Then I made a beautiful shooting with it. I wear it every day, I am not joking.

Here below some tips on how to combine a sable fur with cashmere, maybe for a night out with your friends or how to wear it for an elegant evening.

Furs make me go crazy, doesn’t this happen to you?


Lady Fur

lady fur sable fur giorgio magnani
Wrapped in Giorgio Magnani’s sable fur
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