Fur Boots footwear not only made for the mountains

fur boots

Fur Boots: from footwear for the mountains to one of the coolest fashion accessories

fur boots

Fur Boots in the past where not more than shoes for the snow, footwear is a synonym of comfort, practicality and resistance.

Later on the 60s arrived with their fashionable boots everywhere and in this period fur boots weren’t left behind. Often used in the snow, but fur lined boots were overall a fashionable shoe to be used in the city and during the holidays.

Boots with long fur on the outside 

fur boots vintage

Some of you might remember this ‘man in the snow’ design, boots with long fur on the outside that were immortalised by the fashion of that time, which also are an iconic piece of a certain mountain style.

From there on things changed: fashion houses started using and transforming this item and with time they became a status symbol, obviously always using fine hairs.

From their protective function, the 900s had transformed the classic winter boots in a must have piece to store in your closet and to be used in the city or anywhere else when the temperatures drop.

fur boots celebrity

Celebrities Fur Boots

Obviously fashion designers had a lot of fun: fur boots with pom poms, fur lined boots, crazy colour arriving to pink hues and fucsia from the last years.

Their sporty function never went out of fashion, you only need to take look at recent models, from moon boots, to more elegant trekking shoes and models suitable for the mountains.

In the past years, for example, Moon Boots had a special edition with fur -made in collaboration with one of the most famous fashion brands- these are a real treat.

An example? The tartan ones from DSquared2 and the Moon Boots with fur pom poms many by Dolce & Gabbana

Other fur boots for winter -with fur on the inside or out-

Take a look at this gallery to have an idea of the variety of models that exist.

Fur Boots: the evolution in the past years 

fur boots dg chanel

It must be said that fur lined boots never get out of fashion, meanwhile those with fur on the outside made a great comeback in the last few years, as you can see in the latest collections of the decade.

Take as an example the vintage touch used in the Chanel 2010/2011 Autumn-Winter collection, also the famous fur boots by D&G (Dolce & Gabbana) which opened the 2014/2105 runway show combined with a hooded coat, a crop top and boy shorts. A design that reveals a lot, but a couple of years ago it caught the attention of many who work in fashion and even those who didn’t.

Have you seen some recent models that you liked? Fendi fur boots with the fur on the outside became one of the celebrities and different models favourites.

Fur Ankle Boots

fur boots

The fur boots made by Fendi, also those created by Margiela, made us fall in love instantly -you get the feeling you need them- the shoe design with hair everywhere.

Differentiating them from the shoe designs of the 70s which undoubtedly have shorter fur, some trimmed, some with heels or jewels and simple wood.

The shoes became lighter, more playful and wearable during the day: casual luxury, to be worn practically in all occasions.

The designs of these shoes have a great variation: you only need to look at designs from other brands such as those from Bruno Cuccinelli or Robert Clergerie, that use fur on the inside or they apply some fur inserts to transform each pair of boots into something special and unique.

Look at the gallery with other fur boot designs

Fur boots in colour

As it happened with furs, every year fur boots got coloured in different ways with slight colour nuances, even a few shades that once were unthinkable. From pink, to purple, blue, yellow even patchwork. In short a rainbow of fur boots has been created.

Now there is no longer a limitation on the materials used for winter boots -mink, fox, rabbit- and as mentioned before there are basically no more colour boundaries either.

For a little sneak peak, take a look at the designs made by Manolo Blahnik and a couple of shoes created by Giuseppe Zanotti.

Ankle boots with fur on the inside and out

Ankle boots with fur details, even this case we cannot talk about fashion or trend. These kind of shoes are immortal and they are to be seen all over the place in the ‘White weeks’ or on the runway shows.

The most comfortable shoes to take long walks without losing the glamour: the boots lined with fur on the inside and out, these are the shoes to focus on when we are talking about the buying and the production perspective. The rarely go out of style and lose their charm.

And if you love the mountains so much you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to do a little shopping!

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