Fur gifts for her 26 accessories

Fur gifts for her find the best 26 fur accessories as a present for Christmas.

Fur gifts for her. Surprise your love with something special. Find our best fur accessories selection.

The best Fur accessories to put under the tree without spending much. It is not easy to find the right combination of aesthetics, quality and price. As you know, a qualitative fur, or a good accessory made out of it, involves some expense. Leather manipulation and treatment, the craftsmanship behind a luxury product has a cost.

Fur gifts that cost less than 200€

Do not despair! There are little fur gifts to present for Christmas or birthdays without robbing the bank. Our limit is 200 € more or less, a price that gives possibility to have something nice, useful and compatible with our sophisticated tastes.

Christmas present ideas here is our list of our favorite fur accessories 

  • fur charms
  • rabbit collars
  • fur masks for sleeping
  • fur bags
  • fur shoes
  • fur hats
  • fur beret
  • fur earmuffs and more

Fur gifts for her! Let’s go deeper! =)

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What does she want for Christmas? Fox fur charms, rabbit collars or masks for sleeping in super soft mink?


fur gifts for her
Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur



1. Fur sleep mask by Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur

Good sleep requires the right accessories, don’t you think so? If yes, then don’t miss this gem by Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur, in a very low price – about 105 euros – this mask will make you sleep tight. A must have for fur fans and not only.Available in white, grey and even black colour. Lady Fur will use one of them to fly to Doha next week. =)

2. & 3. Matching fur earmuffs and beret

Fur accessories designed by Eugenia Kim, simple but with a touch of colour.

On this page you will find earmuffs with the price of approximately 200 euros, while here the lovely beret with fur pompon is around 150 euro.

4. Fur collar by Charlotte Simone

With this blue long-haired fur collar decorated with black bow anyone would feel like a real princess. The good news is that it is really cheap: Nordstrom offers it for only 210 euro.

You can find it at this link.

5. Fur charms by Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur (in our opinion are best fur gifts) 

For those of us who love accessories made out of fur: the must-have of the year are bag charms. The most interesting are the ones made by Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur, with plenty shapes and colours, and for the truly competitive price: 65 to 156 euro for each. 

In general all the fur accessories by Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur are perfect as a Christmas present or an idea for birthday gifts. For example, the bags of this Danish brand are impressive all the year round. 

christmas gifts for her oh! by kopenhagen fur
Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur bags

6. & 7. Pink fur: boa by Jocelyn and collar by Nanà Firenze

Pink and fur is always a good combination, and it gives a special glamorous touch for winter accessories. Do not miss the fur boa by Jocelyn (below 150 euro) and the fur collar from Luisa via Roma by Nanà Firenze (about 110 euros).

8. & 9. Hunting Hats by UGG and Free People

Fur hats: one in black colour, more aesthetic and matching with coats, made by UGG, the other one, made by Free People, is definitely for those who prefer the more casual style.

Perfect for saving and thrifty Christmas present: the first hat is about 170 euros and the second one is about 98€.

10. Gloves with pink fur by UGG

For those who want some colour during the winter time: beautiful suede gloves with a nice pink fur detail. With this you will bring happiness to anyone, also at a reasonable price – about 140 euros.

11. & 12. Boa and earmuffs

Matched pair and if you want to keep within the € 200 mark you can buy them together: we are talking  boa in mongolian fur Toria Rose (128 euro) and fur earmuffs in chinchilla Surrell (about 85 euros).

If you want to spend no more than 200 euros, then there is a matching pair of mongolian boa from Toria Rose (128 euros) and earmuffs in chinchilla by Surrell (about 85 euros).

13. Hat with pompom and mesh by Helena Berman

‘Modern and glamour’, – that’s how you can describe this hat with pompom, decorated with mesh and pearls. Comfortable, stylish and ideal as a Christmas gift. Who doesn’t want a new hat in the wardrobe? You can find it at Nordstrom with the price about 180 euros.

14. & 15. Fur gloves from Ted Baker and Echo

Don’t you think that gloves as a present could be the sign of inventiveness? Well, the most appreciated gift for woman among the others is definitely a pair of elegant fur gloves. Splendid and competitively priced by Ted Baker, and peculiar model from Echo.

16. & 17. Budget option fur bags

Fur bags, as a gift, for a very reasonable price. The models above are a great alternative to expensive brands such as Fendi and Gucci.

18. Scarf with fur detail

This cute scarf with ‘eyelashes’ made of fur can be a unique gift idea. Designed by Kate Spade New York.

19. & 20. Collars from Asos

Wonderful fur accessories with contained costs. The collar on the top of denim jacket is really cool.

21. & 22. Fur band and hat

The pink Bogner hat is available for about 180 euros: gift for big and not-that-much fur fans. And for the ones who always feel cold but don’t want to give up on being stylish: band by Ted Baker.

23. Fur cape by Fabulous Furs

A cape within 200 euros? A dream that came true, didn’t it? 

24. XO collar by Jocelyn

Nice fur collar and warm enough for low temperatures, XO = kisses and hugs. Could be presented among others gifts with a price approximately 195 euros.

25. & 26. Fur accessories for the home: blanket and pillow

And don’t forget about the house: accessories made with fur are popular in interior design. The cosy blanket is perfect for people sensitive to cold, while for those who are like me, never renouncing fur, even at home, this fur pillow by Donna Karan.

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