Pas De Rouge moccasins with fur

Pas de Rouge moccasins with fur a good or a bad idea? Here is my guide to how to match pas de rouge moccasins with fur, in the best way, in pure Lady Fur style!

Wearing pas de rouge moccasins with fur  is the trend of the moment, here below is a small example =)  Trend or no trend I have always done it =) I don’t follow the fashions of the moment but I try to develop what is my unique and personal style.

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The history of the brand of my favourite moccasins Pas de Rouge starts among the waters of the Brenta, in the city of doges and princesses: in fact master craftsmanship is what characterizes this unique and prestigious brand, that is elegantly bringing back the manuality and art of the Venetian workshops with a modern twist. Today I want to present to you the pas de rouge moccasin with fur matched , for the woman who is always in a hurry but who can’t do without her savoir-faire (just like me! )

Do you remember when I spoke to you about how to be sexy in fur? Well, there I told you how difficult it is for me have time to feel sexy and feminine amongst my thousands of daily commitments and how my femminility often suffers! Fortunately the moccasin helps me in this:  a j lly element able to be comfortable and elegant at the same time!

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These that you see in the photo are the Pas de Rouge moccasins I wore during the New York Fashion Week

mocassinis fashion week

Moccasins: always precisely casual!

Moccasins, with their regal forms, have always been shoes that are synonymous with grace and precision, that takes us back to the XVII century and the great historic women diplomats.

It is no chance that they were worn by first ladies like Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy: women who knew how to dictate the elegance of a time, really busy and continuously under pressure from their public image and their private life!

50s and 60s moccasins

During the 50s and 60s there was a boom: English teddy girls wore them, bringing back an Edwardian style with a modern twist. Later icons like Twiggy and  Bridgette Bardot wore them playing with contrasts with pop socks in full view.

Perfect for days out, the moccasin is the undisputed master of VIP holiday style: Capri and Amalfi for all!

I will now illustrate my proposals for Pas de Rouge moccasins with matched fur.

I want to show you that it is possible to be feminine and comfortable without compromise!

set mocassinis 50s 60s

Marc Jacobs fur , Marni fur gilet, Pas de Rouge moccasins.

In the 50s the moccasin was a must in college student style: bare legs, skirt, strictly matched with ankle socks. For a fresher  and more ‘naive’ style I propose  a back to school style with oriental influences! In this case I would match the Pas de Rouge moccasins with short matched fur with a pleated skirt and Parisian socks, recalling Japanese uniform style.

Who wants to match the skirt more precisely to the Pas de Rouge moccasins with fur, I advise an entrepreneurial look, matching the fur with a tube skirt and leaving legs strictly nude!

Have you seen how versatile it is? Changing just one detail you can change from innocent student to ready for anything career woman.

moccasin's with fur

Fur: Adam Lippes, fur Saint Laurent, fur  Marni Moccasins Pas de Rouge

If we were to chose Pas de Rouge moccasins with long fur matched there are lots of possible games and we can go as crazy as we want, leaving room for our  imagination! We can chose to leave our legs bare or let our creativity loose with coloured tights and fantastic motives to add character and personality to our style! Just to give you an idea, during my first day at Kopenhagen Fur I was wearing Pas de Rouge moccasins with fur strictly with bare legs click here.

It’s a different story if we choose Pas de Rouge moccasins matched with trousers: in this case the hand of the scale varies between a casual metropolitan look and a boyish look.

Matching the moccasin with a long fur allows us to play with our feminility and give an androginous appeal to your figure: I advise matching it with elegant trousers that don’t cover the ankle, as I did during my stay at Kopenhagen Fur.

Surprised? I bet you didn’t imagine that it could be possible to pull so much out of the drawer matching Pas de Rouge moccasins with fur! But no! You had to think again, there are infinite possible looks adaptable to every need!

Photos with Pas de Rouge moccasins shot in New York



Pas de Rouge online?

yes you can find the collection online. We have done a little research for you.

Lady Fur in New York wearing Pas de Rouge

Where can you buy the Pas de Rouge moccasins I am wearing?

You can find the Pas de Rouge moccasins that you see in the photo on yoox

Lady Fur wearing Pas de Rouge

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