Pink accessories in fur 26 must fur autumn winter 2016 2017

pink accessories 26 must fall winter 2016 17

Pink accessories for autumn /winter 2016-2017: these are the must have items for the new season.

Pink accessories, preferably in fur: this is maybe one of my favourite trends for autumn/winter 2017, together obviously with the always pink trend – fur coats.

If you have never dared wear a pink fur my advice is to start from pale pink ladies accessories for example, that give a touch of colour to the whole outfit, above all during the grey Milanese winters

Pink fur accessories: 26 MUSTS

I checked out all the collections of this autumn winter and I literally fell in love with these 26 pink accessories.

Embrace with me the pink trend 2016/2017.

Spoiler Alert: my favourites are 2, 4, 8, 21 e 26.

1.We could start with the pink fur keychain by Stella McCartney

2. One of my favourite pink dress accessories, however is the shoulder bag by Valentino in pale pink mink fur: adorable from every point of view

3. Certainly if we want to stay on the subject of bags even the pale pink mini Peekaboo Fendi is no joke!

4. And instead if I were tempted by the antique pink Gucci slipper? I see some hard decisions on the horizon!

5. This is a really exquisite pink accessory: the pink back pack in Mongolia fur by Alisa Smirnova with black inlays.

6. Remember that winter is cold, my dears, and a nice pair of leather gloves with mink pon pons can’t ever be bad, above all if they are by Mario Portolano.

7. You have to embrace pink style from top to bottom: for an elegant evening I would opt for these pink sandals signed Giuseppe Zanotti.

8. And I would not be Lady Fur if I didn’t consider a beautiful stole, an accessory to match even with a pink dress tone on tone if you are fans. This is a fur stole by Fendi that would have any fan dreaming.

9. A salmon pink shopper? Got it. The one from Miu Miu is extraordinary

10. One of the pink accessories I prefer is obviously the collar, that can turn an everyday coat into the most elegant outerwear. This pink mink collar is by Ermanno Scervino.

11. The Lilly e Violetta cold pink stole instead is perfect for a bubble gum look.

12. The fur sandal in winter trend is with us also this year: these pink lamb sandals are by Miu Miu.

13. Snow queens in pink stoles? I have the accesories for you! Complement your pink hair accessories with pink fur earwarmers with applications by Blugirl.

14. Let’s talk pink clothing. For a more casual pink fashion statement I would wear this vest by Barneys New York.

15 and 16. Gloves and beret set in mink fur signed Yves Salomon: this combo would make even a tsarina blush.

17. For pink girls accessories: a pink fur scarf with hints of red and white: by Saks Potts.

18. And who can do without a bright pink beret this is always from Yves Salomon and is in rabbit..


19. Always on the theme of mountains and tsarina style? Here are the pink boots in fur by Giuseppe Zanotti who resolves style problems in a second.

20. Another fox stole, again Fendi, but I just can’t get enough, sorry.


21.Looking for pink accessories jewellery? A pink charm for your tote or shoulder bag: it’s by Fendi and is decorated with crystals.

22. Let yourself be seduced by a pale pink vest: yes it’s by Stella McCartney.

23. And we’re talking vests again, but here the sheepskin style rules. Aren’t you in love with this model by Drome?

24. Pink lamb sandals Del Rio London, for those who dare all year round.

25. Let’s finish with with two mauve accessories, that definitively resolves indecision between pink and lilac. On one side this Versace vest in fox.

26.  On the other side a very elegant pink princess piece signed Gucci in mink and lamb, with orange trim.

 And you which of these 26 pink accessories are you in love with?

pink fur bag must have autumn 2016-17
pink accessories fall winter 2016 2017 
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