Beyoncé fur drives web crazy!

beyonce fur coat real lemonade

Beyoncé fur – her style is always highly inspiring. Lets admit it the pop star has become an authority for us all.

Beyonce fur – so criticized but also loved, worn in the latest video-album Lemonade – broadcast by HBO – in this sense it was a great style exercise.

And it will not surprise you, my dears, to discover that Beyoncè in fur is her most debated and imitated outfit, the one worn also on the cover of the album.

In her latest video-album Lemonade, we find Beyoncé wearing fur, a couple of furs, each one different from the other, but the one that has messed most with the heads of the public and fashionistas is that of the track Don’t Hurt Yourself.

Her look is rather particular, like the message of the song and video: here the fur is used as a declaration of independence for women, above all for Afro-americans.

beyonce fur vest

Here are some looks to imitate the look of Beyoncé in fur

Beyoncè’s choice of outfit for this video that has a strong  feminist tinge is daring: sportswear as a base and an oversize fur coat, in an abandoned carpark, and with the air of a woman who needs neither men nor approval: “And keep your money, I’ve got my own, Keep a bigger smile on my face, being alone”.

The Beyoncé fur coat – now not to be found anywhere – is signed Hood by Air, a rather dark ( many even too much ) masculine brand that has also dedicated a line to very androgenous women.

Here is the photo of the Beyoncé Lemonade fur coat real  (it is a murmasky fur) as she is wearing on the cover.

murmasky fur coat

The effect of such an important fur is amplified by the rest of the outfit: Beyoncé wears a gym oufit signed Yeezy, the line of another darling of music and fashion, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s husband.

Here are my proposals of alternatives to imitate it.

But this is not the only one of the most loved looks of Beyoncé from Lemonade: in her video-album her mustard yellow dress by Roberto Cavalli (the one on the cover). She wears it when she destroys an entire block with a baseball bat: Girl Gone Wildbeyonce-quote-142x150

No outfit of the pop star in her latest videos is wrong: but behind every great icon there is a great stylist, a woman can’t do everything alone, even if that woman is Beyoncé.

Beyoncé’s stylist is called Marni Senofonte, and instead of entrusting everything to just one brand – as nearly always happens in other music vdeos – she decided to mix many together according to the songs and the videos.

Gucci, Givency, and other less known brands mix well and tell stories that differ every time.

And many stars took inspration from Beyoncé after Lemonade came out: Kim Kardashian for a shooting deliberately copied the Beyoncé fur coat look, while Rita Ora even wears the same outfit the singer wears in the video manifesto Formation.

Basically I believe that the first part of 2016 is the year of Beyoncé fashion: don’t forget in fact her sports line created in collaboration with Zalando, Ivy Park, that made even the laziest fashionistas want to do sport or yoga.

Among the cut pieces of the collection are the white t-shirts and super tight bodies that I challenge anyone to wear without holding their breath for a second.

And you, which Beyoncé fur outfit do you crave?


beyonce wearing fur coat

And which is the Beyoncé fur coat that you prefer among those I have proposed?

Let me know in the comments, I am curious to discover if we have the same tastes.



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