Stuck on the roof for three hours, Day 4 of Beijing Fashion Week


My Fur Loves,

Beijing Fashion Week is now finished, and as you know I am back in Milan.

Having lots of material still from my trip, I am going to continue to share my experience with you.

Have you seen the video created as correspondent for on If you missed it, you can see it clicking here!


Now I will tell you what happened on the 4th day of the Beijing Fashion Week.


Mattia Kamikaze, the photographer, advises me to go and shoot some photos of my Byblos outfit on the top floor of the hotel, practically on the roof.

Going up the emergency staircase, as the lift doesn’t reach the very last floor, which is reserved only for the hotel staff, I am struck with panic…strange sensations waft around me.

Arriving in front of a small door, fortunately ajar, we are overcome with enthusiasm: we found a way in, yeahhh!!!!! Sweet! With the sunset, we thought this location is great for taking photos…They will come out great…But Mattia realises he has forgotten his flash. What to do? He interrupts the shoot and retraces his steps, he arrives at the door that is shut closed.


long_dress_byblos_lady_fur samantha_dereviziis_lady_fur

We were stuck on the roof of the hotel for about three hours. Our cell phones?Obviously left in our respective rooms.

My screams were to no avail, my tears and my inevitable hysterical fit.

I was terrified by the idea of having to spend the night on a roof, next to pipes that gave out absurd noises, under the grey polluted sky of Peking…

Luckily, a hotel worker heard us and opened the door setting us free.

In the end we shot the photos in the hotel corridor before going to the event.

Miao Miao

Lady Fur

Dress: Byblos 

Photos: Kamikaze



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