Blue shadow fox fur is Sexy

blue fox coat by saga furs

Blue shadow fox fur is able to make you so sexy, hot, rich, in style, and beautiful for every occasion. This is why fur coats will always be in style. I really think that fur is sexy.

That early morning in the poolside of the luxury Saga Furs Design Center in blue shadow fox fur felt like Marilyn Monroe.

Men if you can’t understand my fur feeling I will try to explain it with this example: It’s like when you drive a Ferrari, how do you feel? Suddenly you feel rich, power, more beautiful, more sure of yourself. When you drive a Ferrari you don’t need super luxury clothes, some people drive a Ferrari in a tracksuit, others in really basic casual style. The feeling is similar to the feeling of fur. Even if it can’t be compared.

Real fur feeling is something really powerful and special on a woman. Unique. I love to say: Fur is sexy.

“I feel sexier naked in a blue fox fur than being just in lingerie”.

Let me make an example.

Dear women fur lovers have you ever woken up late in the morning? You have no makeup on, you haven’t done your hair and you don’t have time to do it, you have to run to your appointment? Put your hair up, put on a pair of sunglasses and a real fur coat and you’re good to go. You will appear super beautiful, fresh, elegant, sexy and in style.

You can’t imagine how many times it has happened that the night before I have been up really late, and in the morning I have just wanted to relax but I don’t have anything at home. No water, no food no milk nothing. So I used to (and still do :)) go out just with tights, a blue fox fur and sunglasses.

When I go out just with a blue fox fur I feel SUPER SEXY, warm, comfortable, beautiful, rich, in style, I feel so good with my self and I don’t care if I have makeup or not.

Which other garments can give you this feeling? The only fur can because fur is sexy and Blue shadow fox fur is more.

sexy is fur lady fur saga furs fox coat died blue
Lady Fur wearing a blue fox fur
saga furs design center photo
Saga Furs Design Center
lady fur in saga furs fox coat
Feeling Marilyn Monroe Blue shadow fox fur
carp photo saga furs
Carp Fish at Saga Furs Design Center
fox coat blue lady fur at design center
Lady Fur in blue shadow  fox fur coat

If I have a date with a guy the first thing that comes to mind is:  which fur should I wear for my date? I don’t care about the dress I care more about the fur <3 <3

photo garden saga furs design center
Saga Furs Design Center

When you wear a fur coat like the one that you see in the photo, a blue shadow fox fur, you can have a basic style during the day as in the night and in the case, you have a special event a shining dress with a fur collar or fur coats will make you the queen of the night.

The fur is at the height of fashion. You can’t pick up a magazine or watch a catwalk show without seeing fur coats and accessories splashed on the pages.  Nothing can replicate the warm and fuzzy look that sable furmink furfox fur and chinchilla fur give you. It is a natural beauty. It is organic elegance. Oh, let’s just say it… FUR IS SEXY!

About My Blue fox Fur Outfits

In the photos that you see on my blog, I was at Saga Furs Design Center. I had just woken up, I had already done my makeup and I was waiting for breakfast,  I decided to take some fur photos on the poolside in the middle of nature.


The blue fox fur coat that I’m wearing comes from the Archive of Saga Furs, it is a blue-dyed fox. Super big and super soft.
I felt like Marilyn Monroe, she was a sexy icon and she always was in fur. I have added here some of her images.

About my workshop, at Saga Furs Design centre I will post in two days the evolution of my fox sample inspired by Sailor Moon

fox coat lady fur Blue shadow fox fur
Lady Fur

Miao Miao

Lady Fur

Lady Fur logo

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Photo: Jana Anhalt

Makeup: Laura Laira 

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