Saga Furs Design Center Lady Fur’s experience day 1

Saga Furs Design Center is the dream place for many designers, it’s where you can develop your idea in fur. And it’s precisely from here that I am writing now. 🙂

I always talk about Saga Furs as the Finnish Auction House, please click here to see all posts and videos done in the past, (the first one is still one of my favourites: Saga Furs and Lady Fur) but in this case I’m not in Saga Furs (the Auction), I’m at the Saga Furs the Design Center.

Saga Furs Design Center is a Mega  Super Luxury Villa built in 1920 situated in the north of Denmark, it is full of furs, arts, sculpture, animals, nature and a lovely team that do their job with A LOT of passion. The atmosphere is MAGIC. People that have been here know what I’m saying. =)

Many important famous designers from all over the world have come to Saga Furs Design Center to create new fur samples with fur.

Saga Furs invited me to participate as a fur designer in their workshop dedicated to the working of foxes and minks and finn raccoon .

Saga Furs Design Center is an all white Danish Villa  surrounded by a big garden – wood (I saw two bambis)  with pool, a part of the villa is dedicated to guests like me =)
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I am sleeping in a very beautiful room, full of fur pillows, bed with fur blanket, fur headrest. The other part is dedicated to the design center, and a fur studio where the furrier works the fur skins and where I’m doing the workshop. In the marketing department  there are rooms dedicated to the samples archive (my favorite room) it is full of fur samples with many different workings, processing, and there is the archive room with the fur created in the last years.

Saga Furs Design Center Lady Fur’s experience day 1

I will tell you briefly about my day

I wake up in the morning around 7:30 to 8:30, I have breakfast (like a five star hotel or let me say MUCH BETTER)  and then I do the course until 12:30.

from 12:30 to 13:30 I have lunch near the pool also in this case the food is amazing super delicious

Around 14:00 I go back to the workshop

At night I eat in the villa and I work again in the studio or on the computer.

I’m learning many important things about foxes (Saga® Mink, Fox and Finnraccoon) and techniques, I work very near to the fur masters and this is something incredible because they transmit you their passion for these special materials and this incredible work.

At the workshop I have to create one or two samples with fox, mink or finnraccoon  I took inspiration from Sailor Moon my favorite cartoon=)
The real inspiration is the moon scepter of Sailor Moon=)
In the next post I will tell you a little bit more about my experience at Saga Furs Design Center.
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About my FUR OUTFIT   Style 70’s Causal =)
Pants and Sweter : Zara Basic 
Mocassini : Sperry
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Lady Fur and fur fox rubbit
 I really love the photos of this post 🙂 Photographer Jana Anhalt  Make Up artist: Laura Laria
I LOVE work with beautiful and smart talent women <3 <3 <3 I had the best team ever <3 <3 <3
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