Fur coat passion

Speaking  about your passion about fur coat ? it’s difficult .

Speaking openly about your own passion for fur coat it’s not easy at all.

Rather, it’ is more difficult, specially in these periods where social networks  were invaded by gory videos (from god knows where  to the delight of Peta aimed )at raising peoples respect for animals.

Without entering  in unnecessary polemic , I would ask : How many people know  about your passion for fur coat ? Who have  you have confessed to ? Maybe to your wife , husband , your boy or girl, best friend , parents ?

Do you feel embarrassed   to speaking  about your passion for fox collars, sable coats, or lynx mink shoulders ?

I really want to hear about you what do you think ?

Personally , especially with girls , I always thought I could not stay with a woman that doesn’t share my same passion . It’s very important  for me.

I always tried to ” test the waters ” maybe  with some bet in shops ( indicating a fur coat I asked ” would you ever wear it ?  or “not even fake “?). To a negative answers I didn’t dare replicate,to positive I reacted thinking  that was a good probability of starting a new  releshionship . .

In a extremely  confidential  moment  I confessed my fur passions to one girl  . She let me find here totally against and almost disgusted by  fur coats, but , one day she let me find here wearing a long withe fox coat ( her granny loved fur coats and she had a  discrete collection, including also one of marmot) and this was my  most beautiful fur experience in my life.

However the love story didn’t  last for a long time.

Ideal for me was meeting  welovefur.com ( for which I’m honored to write ) and furfahsionguide.com, the biggest  web site in the  world dedicated to the subject  that explore the  fur world at 360 degrees.

If  you have never  been and you are a fur lover like me …

You can’t not visit it. Also because web sites dedicated to this special subject  until 10 years ago didn’t exist and now are only  a few .

One piece advice : for a fur lover it is fundamental to share his passion . Keeping  it inside and only for  you is not helpful to anything or  anybody.

Specially don’t stop at  appearances : although many women seem against  wearing  fur coats but to  satisfy her man ( and feel extremely sexy  and attractive ) could find the experience  sensual and why not funny .

Gary K.

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  • tutti quelli che additano gli amanti delle pellicce sono i primi a preferire scarpe in pelle senza contare che i vegetariani sono ancora una piccola minoranza.
    Quindi è vero che dietro quel capo di abbigliamento così glamour si nasconde un delitto… ma quanti ne commettiamo nel quotidiano con tanto di nochalance??

    aspetto un tuo commento al mio post


    Grazie, a presto

  • Fur has always been a deep soulful experience for me that stirs many emotions. Bitter sweet is being a male experiencing the vulnerability of knowing you may not always be successful in hiding your passion for fur. I am grateful for this sensation as I have learned to be kinder and more understanding when other people have awkward or embarrassing moments in life, what ever they may be.

  • I find it difficult to talk about because fur also warms my heart and touches my soul. I do not want others to think it is only passion in the physical sense. So hard to explain with words.

  • First of all, ….im a man who has an extreme fur and mink coat fetish.

    Ive been collecting furs for over 50 years, since i was in my teens. I have partisipated in groups, like Fur fetish groups, where furs are discussed to determine styles, textures, softness and colors. I only buy specific type furs with very specific charactoristics.

    When young, i was around ladies in furs all the time since I used to work for an older Very “Dominant” Lady Caretaker of mine who owned an exclusive fur coat shop. Ladys wore very shiny, silky and soft feminine clothings like furs then all the time. Back then, The furs were made very shiny and soft, to “catch” a persons eye and imagination, especially men.

    She catered to mink coat enthusiests and collectors, sometimes otherwise known as “Fur Coat Fetishists”…..female and male alike. Furs were easilly sold to people like these, especially to men, because of the Fetish factor. I know, im one of them who was “taught” , “disaplined” and even Punished extensively by my Aunt to “Appreciate Furs”, through the Dominance of her personality and yes….the cracks of her Whips.

    She understood why Mink Coats became a Fetish for certain men like me and employed Every advantage to Captivate, Tease and torment and Control with her Expensive Shiny Black Mink Coats, sometimes even using a Whip to further capture my attention to her Minks ! However, Her so called Punishments did not became the focal point of my fetish, her Black Shiny Full length Mink Coats DID !

    This is when I developed a very intense fetish for the looks and especially the feels of black Mink Coats. I wont go into detail about how she used Mink Coats to torment me, but Im thinking you probably Know !

  • I am 60 this year and simply LOVE fur. I have spent about £50,000 on top quality mink and fox coats over the years. Sadly fur seems to have gone out fashion in the UK. My ex-wife wore fur for 20 years then stopped saying they were too glamorous. This upset me. I still wear fur and typically get a very positive response wherever I go. I would love to hear from any other fur fans.

  • I,m very much in the same mould as the above, in my early 50’s now, and a lifelong fur lover.
    Loving furs has definitely affected my relationships, I remain single, and am likely to remain so. I could not possibly live with someone who didn’t love furs. I could not live a lie like that, Ive tried, but it usually ends in disaster.. Looking back, I think my fur addiction started when I was around 9 or 10. It was a bitter winter, around 1978/9,we didn’t have central heating, and I slept in an attic. We used to put old coats on the bed for extra warmth.. I was given a rabbit coat, which my mother hated, and used to snuggle up in that. I loved that coat. The smell of it even then excited me.. fast forward 35 years, I now have mink and Fox blankets,
    A small but choice collection of mink lined leather coats. Not having any dependants, I have worked away globally for decades now, and have the income to indulge my passion for furs.
    I’m friends with a couple of furriers, who understand my genuine interest and love of fur, and I commission one or two items a year.
    Fur is a bit like marmite. You either “get” fur or you don’t.
    I love all aspects of real fur, it’s touch, feeling and smell. I like reversible furs too, the suede leather side of a pelt is exciting to me also.
    Who on here Would not love to put on a gorgeous ankle length dark ranch mink coat? Be enveloped in that beautiful soft fur?
    To me, everybody has a weakness for something.
    Mine happens to be fur.

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