Fur coat passion

Speaking  about your passion about fur coat ? it’s difficult .

Speaking openly about your own passion for fur coat it’s not easy at all.

Rather, it’ is more difficult, specially in these periods where social networks  were invaded by gory videos (from god knows where  to the delight of Peta aimed )at raising peoples respect for animals.

Without entering  in unnecessary polemic , I would ask : How many people know  about your passion for fur coat ? Who have  you have confessed to ? Maybe to your wife , husband , your boy or girl, best friend , parents ?

Do you feel embarrassed   to speaking  about your passion for fox collars, sable coats, or lynx mink shoulders ?

I really want to hear about you what do you think ?

Personally , especially with girls , I always thought I could not stay with a woman that doesn’t share my same passion . It’s very important  for me.

I always tried to ” test the waters ” maybe  with some bet in shops ( indicating a fur coat I asked ” would you ever wear it ?  or “not even fake “?). To a negative answers I didn’t dare replicate,to positive I reacted thinking  that was a good probability of starting a new  releshionship . .

In a extremely  confidential  moment  I confessed my fur passions to one girl  . She let me find here totally against and almost disgusted by  fur coats, but , one day she let me find here wearing a long withe fox coat ( her granny loved fur coats and she had a  discrete collection, including also one of marmot) and this was my  most beautiful fur experience in my life.

However the love story didn’t  last for a long time.

Ideal for me was meeting  welovefur.com ( for which I’m honored to write ) and furfahsionguide.com, the biggest  web site in the  world dedicated to the subject  that explore the  fur world at 360 degrees.

If  you have never  been and you are a fur lover like me …

You can’t not visit it. Also because web sites dedicated to this special subject  until 10 years ago didn’t exist and now are only  a few .

One piece advice : for a fur lover it is fundamental to share his passion . Keeping  it inside and only for  you is not helpful to anything or  anybody.

Specially don’t stop at  appearances : although many women seem against  wearing  fur coats but to  satisfy her man ( and feel extremely sexy  and attractive ) could find the experience  sensual and why not funny .

Gary K.

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