Ryota Shiga’s Interview: Fur of our days

There are many talented designers who let fur and leather their base of their work. Today, I have the pleasure and the honor ro interview one of their: Ryota Shiga.

Born in Fukushima in 1985, in Japan, he studied in Sugino Fashion School in his homeland. After graduating, he came in Italy to work to Antonio Berardi, an important designer of our country. He lived here, in Italy, for one year and a half, starting to shared his collection in some countries, like U.S., Germany, New Zeland, Singapore and China.

Then, in 2011, he established Ryota Shiga as a brand.

This is his introduction, now let me tell you what he told me.


Question: Hi Ryota! Let’s begin with the questions. Yow know, I’m very interested in your collection. From what you draw your inspiration when you create a collection?


Answer: For me, inspiration come from animation director Hayao Miyazaki of Princess Mononoke. This creation has become a big inspiration. And the future human beings, with nature and animals to coexist, has put a major theme.


Q: Who are yours inspiring muses?


A: There is not the woman of muses. It changes by the theme of the season. However, she is a woman who loves nature and makes the future. 


Q: Which are the bases of your last collection?


A: Actually I have also set up my own atelier in Iwaki, Fukushima, 2011 and was scheduled to have my debut runway and trade show in Tokyo Fashion Week in March 2011. The big earthquake hit Japan during the preparation.

After i took refuge in Tokyo. Then i was go and back Tokyo to Fukushima many times.

Now my base in Tokyo.


Q: How many importance do you give to the world of fur and leather in your collections?


A: Fur is mankind’s oldest clothing. Current leads to deprive humans, land animals have been living in freedom.

In this earthquake, my hometown has received the great forces of nature.

I felt the fury of nature, human beings are powerless.

However, by the power of human science made, was our own suffering. When we consider a sustainable future in that, I think it really important that those of natural wear.


Q: What is expecting us about your next collection?


A: About the new collection is a secret yet.


Q: How is your relation with italian fashion, after your collaboration with Antonio Berardi?


A: For me, the experience of Antonio, in order to start a brand, experience was very good. I have been very grateful that the work in the place of him.


Q: Do you think that eastern fashion influence western fashion, or vice versa?


A: It is the difference between each other’s cultures, Although not easy, I am very influence from  elegance of the West.


Q: Now that you get a lot of success, which will be your next steps?


A: I am a large field of view, in various countries, and various people, to cooperate together. We want to make what can make a new future and direction of fashion. Then, first of all, I will continue to enhance the presentation abroad.

Q: Is there some advises you want to give to young talents who want to create a personal brand?Q:


A: Although I can not advice, always have a passion, for what why do your own brand. I think it is important to have a sense of it mission to live.


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