Reflection on Michela Vittoria Brambilla, Italian ex-Minister


I invite you all to reflect on Michela Vittoria Brambilla, Italian ex-Minister, who in order to catch votes  and to be loved by the Italians embraces relevant  and populist causes such as the protection of animal rights.


My question is: does this “woman” really love animals and is she sincerely interested in their protection?

She apparently support important causes such as the liberation of the dogs of Green Hill, it seems that she has freed the animals personally… But then we discover that:

The kennel she financed and managed was closed because it was not up to standard. For one who is fighting for the protection of animals is a wonderful discovery!

A person who loves animals would keep them ever in a dirty place, with no water, caged inside unsuitable box.

In a nutshell dogs within the Brambilla’s kennel were actually mistreated.

I think it’s important that politicians defend the rights of the animals who are suffering, really suffering ….. At the same time it is important that they do it really and concretely, and not only to catch the consensus of the Italians, because we are not stupid or naive of course!

Fur animals do not suffer and none of their body is wasted. I wonder if some of our politicians state it ever…

Our leather and fur products are globally known for the quality and the hand work more than those ones from many other countries. We need  smart and brave politicians  who promote our excellent products coming from animals that grow in full health and do not suffer any pain.

Instead of creating problems that do not exist, politicians should address and promote the economic development of fur and leather companies that make us famous in the world, to support  young designers using this material and fashion craftsmen ….

In order to fight crisis I think Italians must be positive and joined together, this is the best way to overcome the crisis developing what we do, not what we do not do!

If I were a magician I will remove Ms Brambilla and many other ones of the Italian government who have wasted the opportunity to improve our Country, on the other hand I would give new chances to young entrepreneurs, economists, people who is self-made ….


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