Welovefur is on La Pelliccia in Mostra Magazine

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Hi Fur Lovers

Diletta Pagina, the creator of Telefax the fur guide, also has a magazine La Pelliccia in Mostra. I wrote one article for her about the next fur trends.
Diletta has also supported me and has written articles about my startup welovefur.com.
Thank you Diletta Pagin.
Miao Miao
Lady Fur

Дорогие любители меха

Diletta Pagin, создатель Tele Fax и La Pelliccia в Show Magazine, дала мне возможность написать красивую статью, о нас, в тенденциях меха.

Спасибо Diletta

Мяу Мяу

Lady Fur

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