Mifur 2014 was a great success!


Let me start with a big thank you addressed to Mifur and all of those who believed in me! Thank you for helping me, appreciating and supporting me. Thank you to the buyers who have invested in my brand. <3

In fact, despite the fact that the average buyer at Mifur is between the age of 50 to 60 years old, and given this feature, traditionalists are creatures of habit in always buying the classic product. But thanks to some successful ideas in drawing their attention, we were able to bring home the best results.

Mifur went well for these motives:

1) The product: My collection of collection, innovation and freshness, different from all the other collections that were present at the Fair.

2) The business model presented: the idea that the stores interested in buying the collection are to be helped by my blog in selling by having their ads placed on my site. It was an idea that the buyers really enjoyed.

3) The strategic position of the stand: The team of Mifur supported me by positioning my stand in front of Giorgio Magnani Romagna Fur, the most important brand of the entire fair.

4) The pink balloons inflated with helium surrounding the booth attracted the attention of Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese, that as per their customs, they took many photos and gave me lots of publicity by posting on social networks and Instagram with these photos.

5) The apples: We gifted our visitors 500 apples with the label of my brand. In this way, passers-by brought the apple around the fair with my name on it.

6) My popularity in the industry has made sure that many of my followers came to look for me to know me personally, including buyers and journalists.

7) My fantastic team: my grandmother who is nearly 80 years old – who works with me since two years – she helped me to assemble the stand and was present for the entire duration of the fair. My American assistant Alexis who is 22 years old and proposed my collection and the blog at Mifur as if they were her personal projects, Kamikaze – as always – shot photos and made an insane video that you will soon see posted online. My Press Office NO WORDS, that I love and thank for having believed in me from the very beginning, before I was even their client. Lina, the furrier for excellence that has produced my collection with love. And finally, my family, that helped with lots of love.

I thank Mifur, l’Associazione Italiana della Pelliccerria (The Association of Italian Furs), the exhibitions who came to congratulate me during the events such as Avanti Furs, Angela Manetti, Jun, Marester, Grandi, Igor, Giorgio Magnani, la Mib, the Guida’s, the Braschi’s, Gorana, Kelly and the entire team of FFM e IFTF and many more…

Adrenaline and happiness have prevented me from sleep, but it was beyond worth it..

Today, Saturday, I have to organize many things as Monday I leave for Saga Furs of Helsinki, where I will make a video on the mutations of foxes.


Lady Furladyfur_mifur2014_pinkballoonsladyfur_mifur2014_pinkballoons_collection_romagnafurs

ladyfur_mifur2014_pinkballoons_collection_pinkballoons IMG_7796-1024x768




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