I am at Saga Furs for the Mutation of Foxes

I’m at the Saga Furs auction.

I’m very pleased and super excited to discover the new mutations of foxes.

Most people think that there are only red foxes and that all other colors are obtained from the dye of the skins.

Wrong! There are many types of foxes, beautiful mixes with crazy colors.



The mute foxes are the most desired by fashion designers, but I will explain everything much better and more in-depth in my next post.


Now I’m off to shoot the video dedicated to this fascinating topic.

Lots of kisses,

Lady Fur

To see more photos, click here.




Dress: Manoush

Collant : Le Flu Flu

Fox Fur Coat: Saga Furs

Handbag in Pink Rex with Embroidery: LADY FUR

Photos: MF

Hair & Makeup: Timo Raatikainen


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