I had announced to you in the last days my participation in the MIFUR International Leather and Fur Salon and here I am as promised
to tell you about the event.

It wasn’t my first time, I had already been in the past, but this year everything was different, I was credited as a blogger.

Naturally it’s difficult to describe all the emotions I felt staying in close contact with stylists such as Angela Manetti, Vinicio Pjaro, RomagnaFurs, Rindi, Manuel Cova and discovering all the latest regarding collections, colours, leathers, processing and next year’s trends but I will try in this post and others to come.

I also had the opportunity to meet in person the organizers from the International Fur Trade Federation, to whom I gave an interview for their Facebook fans, and collaborators from Pellicce e Moda, magazine, the magazine specialized in this field distributed to all furriers in the world.

I met some ex colleagues from Kopenhagen Fur again and with them I could see the new collection from this very important Danish auction house.

The thing that struck me the most however was the desire for renewal, the serach for detail in the processing of leathers and the attention paid to the choice of colours, rigourously pastels but with hints of orange and bottle green.

But I will tell you describing each single collection. Below you will find photos shot by my blogger friend Patrick  Clark during the first evening of the MIFUR event.

Ah, yes, the animalists..They were there too naturally, outside the event. But were they real animalists? Because some were wearing leather jackets, an unseemly thing for such individuals unless some of them were paid to stay there. Paid? But by who? Mmmm PETA?

Soon I will dedicate a post to these USELESS people who clearly can’t be defined true animalists.

Real animalists are vegans, those who don’t eat products derived from animals, not even eggs and cheese and they certainly don’t wear leather and furs.

Footwear is always a problem, but perhaps going bare foot would be excessive! Vegans, anyway, have my full support, but I just can’t stand those individuals that continue to eat at Macdonalds and wear leather accessories and clothes, in fact I find them ridiculous.

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