Copenhagen Look, I’m not a narcissist!


I’m not a narcissist!

Sometimes I get criticized because I post my looks (outfits), and not things such as monuments or landscapes..

I like to post things of what I’m doing, and of course I can’t post every single thing every second, but I like to open a “small window” of showing you how I live, like a real diary.

I also like to post my looks because the majority of what you want to see are me photographed, particularly when I wear a fur coat.


In these photos, I was going to Kick Nexus. Tomorrow I will finally share the video about Kick. Stay Tuned.

My looks cannot always be me wearing a mink jacket.

Maybe I don’t need to say of what brand is the super intarsia mink jacket, as his style is loved by the whole fashion system.

It is Vladimiro Gioia, here you can see his collection.

Annie P is the brand that I’m wearing in these photos (jacket and skirt). I really like Annie P, as it is very elegant and feminine. It is good to wear for any occasion.

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copenhagen_kopenhagen_fur_chanel_bag_looktea_ib_copenhagen _MG_2658looks_prada-shoes_copenhagen

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Miao Miao

Lady Fur

Mink Fur Coat: Vladimiro Gioia

Jacket and Skirt: Annie P

Bag: Chanel

Shoes: Prada

Photos: Mattia Guolo

Makeup: Lea Sonne

Copenhagen: Kopenhagen Fur


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