Fox vest

new york fashion week fox vest volpi confezioni

How to wear a fox vest? If the fox vest is black and white the answer could seem banal but it’s not.

Fox vest Volpi Confezioni, the Italian brand of  coats and jackets in leather, fur and  down gave me this beautiful fox vest for Christmas. As soon as I got it I wore it in several ways according to the occasion. Here below I will tell you when and how I matched the fox gilet.

Egocentric style fox vest

I will start describing the outfit you see in the photo for New York Fashion Week. As you know during Fashion week the guests, journalists and influencers wear looks that are a little more eccentric than usual.

So I thought of wearing the fox vest with thigh-length pretty woman style boots, big black sunglasses (to hide my tiredness given that it was the last day of the fashion week) high-waisted shorts in real leather and a cachemire polo neck.

fox vest volpi confezioni fox vest volpi confezioni lady fur fox vest volpi confezioni fox vest volpi confezioni fox vest volpi confezioni fox vest volpi confezioni lady fur new york fashion week



Casual style fox vest

As I have just said at Christmas Volpi Confezioni (to visit their site click here) gave me the vest.

I received the gift before the 24th or precisely on the 20th and naturally I was so delighted I wore it for two days in a row.

First day: Black jeans with black and white checked jumper and black pumps.

Second day: Short skirt (mini skirt ) thick woollen tights, black xxl jumper and black patent pumps.

To visit the site of Volpi Confezioni click here

pretty woman booth

Fox vest for a gala evening 

For a gala evening I took part in (a private event, no photos) I wore this fox gilet with long black skirt in tulle and top with black sequins.

If you like my style follow me, check out my looks in the category FUR LOOKS.

Yesterday I shared on Elle Italia the video regarding Copenhagen Fashion Week with furs by Vladimiro Gioia click here to see it.

Photo: Maud (the great and talented Danish photographer)

fox vest volpi confezioni lady fur
fur gloves and earmuffs Lagori 1944

volpi_pelliccia_foto_8 volpi_pelliccia_foto_9

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