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giorgio magnani luxury lady fur new york

Giorgio Magnani Luxury, mink fur coat worn by Lady Fur in New York in Times Square

Giorgio Magnani luxury, I could write about this brand a hundred times! You have no idea how happy I am about this collaboration. I have always dreamed of working with Giorgio Magnani luxury who created his company from scratch, an enormous company, in Italy, the biggest of our sector. I wrongly thought that as he is from a different generation, not very sociable, not very present on the web, he wouldn’t believe in what I was doing. But no, he has quite an innovative vision, incredibly forward thinking and he appreciates my work in the sector very much. And so we started to collaborate a month ago.

To visit Giorgio Magnani luxury’s site click here.

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Giorgio Magnani luxury’s collection

Giorgio Magnani Luxury collection is very RICH. Ankle length sable fur, sable vets with Python back with stone embroidery, Lynx fur made only of belly, mink fur made with extremely high quality furs worked in every way and refined with particular accessories. At Mifur I wore a different fur every day, you will soon see them in the video for my blog. Magnani at Mifur is a point of reference for the whole fair: it is the biggest and is always full of people: FULL. Russians, Chinese, Greeks, Americans, Turkish, really all international buyers pass by there. The TOP BUYERS.

Two years ago I had made my collection and I was lucky to have a stand opposite his. AMAZING luck because all his buyers also passed by me =)

In New York, for fashion week I wore the fur you see in the photo, a mink fur with lapel collar by Giorgio Magnani Luxury.

I matched it with eighties style Levis jeans and patent Strategia boots. The fur is from the new collection. Isn’t it fantastic? I would have worn it with Pass De Rouge moccasins without socks or with white socks but I was too cold.  (Everyone knows that when you have cold feet you are cold everywhere).

The skin color top with brilliant stones enhances the fur. If I could I would always wear tops or clothes with stones under fur. I think that brilliant stones and furs are the perfect match.

At Mifur in fact I wore a fur by Giorgio Magnani Luxury with real diamond necklace, ring and bracelet I can’t wait to share the photos with you.giorgio magnani luxury fur lady fur giorgio magnani luxury fur lady fur

These photos instead were taken in New York, precisely in Time Square, after I had visited the studios of Good Morning America the most followed TV Show in America. Who followed me on  Snapchat you can find me as Lady Fur saw the videos.


The fox fur ear warmers are a present from Lagori 1944, the oldest furrier in Milan. You can connect an iPod or iPhone to the warmers to listen to music.

Click here to visit Lagori 1944


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Photo: Maud


Times Square New York


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