In Via Monte Napoleone Furs everywhere

Lady Fur in chinchilla coat Via Montenapoleone in Milano

Dear Fur Lovers,

this afternoon I went shopping in Milan with one of my friends to buy fur accessories.

I met lots of passers-by wearing furs, every kind, as minks, mongolias, persians, foxes and sables.

It is always a pleasure to find people with my passion

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Today I’m wearing a Carlo Ramello mink fur hemmed in ChinchillaDolce & Gabbana sunglasses and comfortable Zara high heels.

In my hands I have the Fur Arpel Magazine issue with 7 pages written by me.

Miao Miao

Lady Fur


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  • YES, I love to see fur in the streets too. And I love the Arpel FUR magazine. It has a new younger style now – and the 7 pages written from you, Samantha, are great! Every fur lover should have it and read it! Keep on promoting fur, the best material!

  • Hi Samantha. Thanks for more great photos! LOL, is it just coincedence that we have seen you in chinchilla fur a lot lately? Anyway, I love it as I always say, beautiful fur worn by a beautiful woman. Beautiful stroller and I am sure you received many admiring looks. Have fun shopping and LOL, do you want me to give you my sizes? Have fun shopping and congrats on being a published author.

  • Such a wonderful fur coat! Love it!
    Love your blog! I received my first real fur coat only this year as a New Year’s gift and I love it! I became addicted to them!
    Your blog is a great source of information for fur lovers!

    Following you!
    When you have time, you are welcome to drop on my blog!


  • Thank you ! You did it right ! Women fashion is not about to arouse wrong desires in men for a one night affair, like many modern girls like Rihanna do. Milan is a conservative family friendly city with a famous opera and ballet…

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