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Kastoria the Greek Fur Fair: the photos and the experiences of Lady Fur.

Kastoria, “the fur city” is in my heart. When I go to Kastoria for the  Kastoria Fur Fair, I feel at home.

I love Kastoria (click here)not only because it’s beautiful: there is a great lake full of swans and pelicans, the food is delicious and fresh, (I put on two kilos during the last event) but above all because the people who live in Kastoria, all working in the fur sector, are fantastic. I spent some really unforgettable days with them.

Before sharing information on the Kastoria fair I will briefly tell you something about the Manakas party, it was really cool. I was sitting at the table of Kopenhagen Fur with Leo <3, and I was the only participant who didn’t dance the traditional Greek dances (it was better because I am a really bad dancer) During the evening I was also accompanied by Tasos Bourtsos ,who just got married, and Christ his brother and my dear friend who I studied at  Kopenhagen Fur with.

Another evening I went out  (definitely the evening when I got fat) with the whole Nevris team who took me to dinner in a local restaurant renowned for Greek cookery where I denied myself nothing. Another day, in the afternoon, my friend Dimitris from KN Fur had me visit an amazing old Orthodox Church right on the lake that inspired me to do a shooting with pink and orange click here to see it  ( I won’t tell you which…it will be a surprise ) ending the evening in another delicious Greek restaurant <3

I met many people that I connected with like Victoria di Di Cara and her husband, Nikos Panagoitus, who immediately believed in me and my project, Dino from Ego, Zisis that showed me his company Artisti Ellena. At the fair I saw several collections, fresher compared to previous years  Trassias, Sargianni, Active, Bourtsos, Tsoukas Bros, CPL, Etherion, Emfasi Pelle…

I met part of the Exopel team and visited their company. Exopel is a big company, MEGA GIGANTIC, the fur department reminded me of the Kopenhagen Fur auction for how much it contains. I love Kosta owner of  Exopel not just for kindness but because, as well as being super intelligent he managed to create an empire alone.

Ok now that I have shared my personal experience with you I will tell you how the Kastoria fur was.

What are the strengths of the 41st edition of Kastoria the Greek Fur Fair?

– perfect organization

– significant participation of furriers

– good turnover during the four days of the fair

Kastoria Fur Fair has been present for over 40 years and is now considered a meeting point for local and foreign companies, where you can find both quality and an interesting quantity of raw materials and where you can create advantageous relationships with the most influential representatives of the global fur industry.

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Crowning the Kastoria Fur Fair, on the 5th of May a fashion show was held, presented by the Kastoria Fur Association and sponsored by the auction American Legend – Blackglama.

For the 2016-2017 season twelve companies presented their collections on the catwalk with fantastic and extremely feminine garments, combining a traditional style with a more modern and edgy one.

We are witnessing a change in the way of understanding fur, a redefinition of its position, thanks to a sophisticated design and to original techniques, signed by famous fashion stylists who work both with fur and with other materials.

The companies that participated in the show during the Kastoria Fur Fair were:

Samel, Konstantinou Furs, Trassias Furs, Active, Lazarou & Vassou Furs, Cohen Itzhak, Soulis Furs, Sarigianni Fur Fashion, Etherion Fur Collection, P.K.Z Furs, Op Ed – Savvidis Lazaros.

Kastoria is famous for developing a particular technique through cuts, the famous  “swatches”, that originated in this city and from here became famous all over the world. A special style that was exalted by nine stylists collaborating with eight fur companies, presented in this 41st Kastoria Fur Fair. The objective of this action was to show this special cutting  technique through the eyes of new authors, framed by the Kastoria Fur Fair.

At the office of the Kastoria Fur Association a notable collaboration for the Greek fur industry was signed. It was a twinning and a cooperation with the  Russian Fur Union that will further develop fraternity between the two associations, through a continuous exchange of experiences. As part of this twinning, every year an annual action plan will be established that will be approved each time by both commissions of directors. On both of their websites advertisements and information on events to be carried out through the year will be posted.

Once again, Kastoria stands out for organizing a successful exhibition, with a strong flow of exhibitors and visitors of the sector.

103 exhibitors presented their products and promoted their brands

541 foreign visitors, in addition to the Greek

The foreign visitors came mostly from Russia and other thirty states were present during the fair.

Click here to see the website of Kastoria


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