You can’t image my happiness to comunicate my new partnership with Modem.

Welovefur is the partner of Modem for fur sector (It’s like a dream I grew up with Modem online,  the first time that I got my hands on it  I was at Fendi fashion show in Via Gattamelata in Milan in 2004 from that day I have all Modem editions in my home and office, it’s the guide for all student fashion designers, designers, buyers …it’s the bible of fashion)

Modem is a really strategic tool of communication that could help our fur sector in a significant way.

Modem is the fashion guide / bible for BUYERS. 

International Fashion Buyers plan their year’s travel following the calendar of Modem where all most important fashion fairs, showroom sales, showroom press offices and brands of the main fashion capitals are shared . It’s also a useful tool for researching new brands etc.


MODEM PUT BUYERS IN CONTACT WITH DESIGNERS, BRANDS and FAIRS in the most efficient way. I had the big honor of meeting with the founder of Modem: Ezio Barbaro in Paris. He told me the history of Modem during a delicious lunch in Place de la Rèpublique where there is the HQ (That’s amazing) . Modem was born in Paris during a moment of deep crisis for the fashion sector. Thanks to the creation of this important “guide” Paris recovered from the crisis in a short time . But I will do a dedicated post about this history because it’s too interesting and I don’t want to be too long in this post. 🙂

About the fur sector

In this moment where in our fur sector there is a lot of confusion and crisis I think that Modem could help it to be found easily by international fashion buyers. There are many fur fashion brands (not all but the modern ones) that need fashion buyers and to reposition their brand image. Fur fairs also.

I will write one time a month on the Modem newsletter that will go directly to buyers and subscribers about our fur sector. I will do many special projects with Modem to promote the fur sector in fashion system.

Modem is like in our sector Fur Telefax when people were using only fur telefax… The difference is that Modem is super innovative, fashion, paper and web and to find more I advise you to visit the web site or see the attachment.

I hope the fur sector will be happy about this partnership.

To read the news on Modem click here.


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