Lady Fur : How are you?

LULU :-I born in china , spend most of my childwood with my parents there then went              to uni studied graphic design , from age of 18 I went to Japan and studied i film editing and animation but didn’t find myself interested in that subject . I then move to London started my new journey in fashion.

Lady Fur :Tel me about your career in the fashion world?

LULU: I didn’t know i was so interested in fashion and design , I use to study in 2 different uni for 2 completely different course and never really found myself 100% into it ,until I started my course in London College of fashion , i always dream of having my own fashion label and fashion shows in the future .

Lady Fur : Tel me about your passion for fur and cashmere and these special materials

LULU: My passion for fur started as such a accident . I applied sponsorship for SAGA Fur for my graduate collection and they sponsored me and also they invited me to their workshop in Denmark . the moment i walk into their studio i was stunned and i love EVERY thing in that studio, I learned so much during that period and since then i started to look into fur design more and i found it more and more fascinating and addictive 

Lady Fur :Tell me about your collection

LULU: The two main sources of inspiration for the collection are Dalian landscapes and Clowns. The sense of disconnected reality comes from Dali paintings but translated into garments so the surreal becomes wearable. The vibrant colours he painted enhance the dream like qualities therefore we get a sense of hallucination. This correlates to the image of the clown. The collection is a feminine reworking of the clown shirt- especially the silhouette and shape of the collar. Heavy pleats are balanced and softened by coloured bands of fur and organza. Different animal types are used to give a variety of lengths and therefore creating a very tactile and visually appealing detail to the clothes. The whole collection is more geared towards ready to wear.

Lady Fur : What are your goals?

LULU :I want to establish my label in london and become a great designer 

Lady Fur :What do you do in your free time?

LULU: I travel a lot in my free time ,also cooking is my thing and I LOVE my puddle “pickles “I walk him a lot when I am free

Lady Fur :Do you have problems with animalists?

LULU:Not yet, but i think everyone has their own opinion,,,oh,didn’t Karl Lagerfeld says banning fur is ‘childish.’ ?? :))..


Thanks LULU LIU =)

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