Mano Swartz Lady Fur Christy Turlington

I took inspiration from the Dior campaign of the eighties with Christy Turlington wrapped in a cross fox fur.

I uploaded the photo of the Dior campaign on my Instagram. The photo got 919 Likes.

My followers as true connaisseurs asked me questions on the type: is it fox coat? Cross or crystal fox?

Crystal can ressemble cross but the Dior one is a cross.

The one I am wearing instead is a Crystal.

Crystal fox does not exist naturally, ii is a colouring that is put on frost fox..

Cross instead is a natural type of fox.

They look very similar. It is easy to confuse them.

The crystal fox fur I am wearing in the photo is by Mano Swartz.

If you want to visit the Mano Swartz Fur shop web site

We took the photo as soon as we woke up in the hotel. I am at the Rodisson Hotel at Cross Key in Baltimore in Maryland.

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mano swartz fur lady fur campaign

Photo: Azzurra Piccardi


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