Mano Swartz Baltimore The Welcome

Mano Swartz Baltimore the best welcome of my life find all photos and video of my amazing experience

I came to Baltimore in Maryland for a big project with Mano Swartz the oldest furrier in America (from 1889).

Fur lovers, you have no idea how many beautiful emotions I have felt in these days.

Mano Swartz team and his family have given me the best welcome of my life. 🙂

I met Richard Swartz on Linkedin. He sent me a message after reading a post on my blog. I couldn’t believe it. Mano Swartz is the oldest furrier in America and is a brand that has made history in our sector. The message came directly from RICHARD SWARTZ the fourth generation of Swartz’s! Incredible. We met in person this winter, during the Iloe fair in Chicago.

We got on immediately. I spoke with him and his wife Debbie for more than two hours. Richard believed in my blog on the project and in me. So, a few hours after our meeting I received a message from him: now we are friends. We can cooperate together. He invited me to come to Baltimore in Maryland for a week. It is a very rich city, with a very traditional American style. There are houses with gardens in the style of Desperate Housewives, places that you can find only in America like shops selling nuts, caramelized popcorn and gum candies, eighties diners, flavoured coffees and giant cakes.

My arrival. The best welcome of my life.

When I arrived in Baltimore, Richard Swartz and his daughter came to get me at the airport and took me to the Radisson Hotel at Cross Key.

In the hotel, I found loads of gifts: two hats with my photos printed on the top and the phrase: Lady Fur WELCOME, a traditional American sauce made especially for me, a sauce with avocado and apricot that was also made with love by Richard’s wife, Debbie, a baguette with cereal, gluten-free potato chips, EXQUISITE Baltimore chocolate biscuits: they are called Berger Cookies, nuts with chocolate and many others.

lady fur mano swartz hat

But it doesn’t stop here, the best is yet to come. 🙂 🙂 🙂

The morning I arrived at the Mano Swartz shop situated in in the richest part of Baltimore I found a beautiful giant board saying Welcome Lady Fur.

welcome lady fur mano swartz fur

Inside the big Mano Swartz fur shop, there is a small laboratory with furriers that work the skins and fur garments with much love and passion.

The Swartz family and team are fantastic, very kind, very polite, positive and always smiling, marvellous people, rich of values and hardworking with a 360-degree vision.

I feel SO lucky to have met these marvellous people and to have the privilege of working with them.

I have learnt so much from this experience not only professionally by above all at a human level.

The first day with Richard Swartz was full of commitments.

We did two shootings, recorded the first part of the video that we will share in September, chose the outfits for the fur campaign that we will shoot together with two models on Friday and much more.

We had loads of fun.

I uploaded 24 videos on Snapchat, you can find me as Lady Fur (I suggest you follow me because on Snapchat I upload my experiences in real-time)

In the photos, you can see I am wearing a Zara dress, shoes with a bow by Joshua Sanders and Mano Swartz mink fur hat.

Follow Mano Swartz’s Instagram @manoswartzfurs

Follow my FB, Instagram but above all Snapchat because I am posting an average of 25 videos.

lady fur

Photo: Azzurra Piccardi

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