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Hello Fur Lovers

Today I feel bad, a little sick. I don’t know if it’s for stress ( A lot of my customers made my crazy )  or I have a cold … However I will spend all my day drawing new models for my old fur coats. Because I have a lot of vintage fur coats and I want to change their style. I love taking an old fur coat and change the model, size, transforming it in something new…


lady_fur_at_home_on_the_sofa_with_fur_coat lady_fur_with-a_new_fur_coat

I love wearing my real style ( Cat Girl – cat ears in real fur ) that lately I didn’t wear often because some people don’t understand my vision and style. I know that I have to be more confident but it’s not really easy when you are on the web and also not really appropriate wearing cat ears in fur, when I have some important meeting for work. =)

Today I wear a lovely dress from ASOS and Radà necklace ( Radà continues to be one of my favorite jewelry brand I like to buy) and a super soft warm fur scarf from Carlo Ramello in lapin. Shoes with gold glitter are from Bershka.

fur_coat_new_for_lady_fur_with_jewelery_radà radà_fur_coat-lady_furshoes

I’m so excited in a few days a new cat will come in my home, I have to think about the name…Do you have some suggestions?

miao miao

Lady Fur


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