Radà in Paris

In Paris I met Daniela Ravaioli fashion designer and founder of the brand of accessories Radà.

I remember the first time I bought a Radà necklace. In 2012 I was in Turin’s Gran Madre. I was really upset  because I had broken up with my long term boyfriend. I met Francesca, a friend, crazy for shopping, all perky and happy with her new discovery. A necklace by Radà. She advised me to go to visit the that store sells Radà.

I went and I fell in love with Radà. I bought a necklace after long hours of contemplation (I think the salesperson wanted to kill me because I changed my mind 100 times). I left the store and after 30 minutes I went back and I bought the bracelet and earrings, and also another necklace. Spent all I had to spend in a month. Years ago I was a spendthrift =)

I offer wear the Necklace with blue flower. Whoever follows me  know it by heart.

The jewels of Radà are PURE LIGHT, are handmade in Italy and are welded seamlessly. The style is elegant, refined, detailed and particular.

At the time I did not have the blog.

In 2013 in Milan I contacted the press office of Radà Claudio Leoni. I began to work with the brand by wearing earrings, necklaces, bracelets and finally today in 2015 in Paris I met HER,  Daniela Ravaioli.

Radà necklaces, earrings and accessories make me feel BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE, CONFIDENT, ME every time I wear them.

The new collection is inspired by the 20’s, is full of fringes, beads and pendants.

In photographs wearing a necklace of the new fall winter 2015/16 collection and a circle set with stones and retina and a cap.

Meeting the designer Daniela Ravaioli was a huge pleasure she is a very elegant, refined end full of energy: her collection reflects the fullness of her soul.

I love women like her.


Photos : Umberto Gorra

Necklace, circle set with stones and retina and a cap Radà ( Fall/Winter collection 15/16)

Skirt : Kate

Shirt and Knitwear : Grazia Shop 

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