Fur Street style from the eyes of Sam Cosmai

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Hi Fur Lovers

How are you?

Do you have some new fur coat photos for me ?

You know that I love seeing what you buy and also see how you wear furs.

For this reason today i share with you some photos of  fur street style in Milan.

A lot of Fur photo details by Sam Cosmai a well-known photographer from Milan.

Sam captured a lot of people in front of the shows wearing fur coats and also some details like swakara collar for men , earmuffs in fur for girls

It’s always an emotion looking his photos and taking inspiration from the street.

Thank you Sam Cosmai.


Miao Miao

Lady Fur

Привет друзьям меха!

Говорят, что идеи и тенденции часто приходят с улиц.

Вот некоторые из фотографий уличного стиля, меха носили мальчики и девочки по своему.

Выстрелы Sam Cosami, известного фотографа уличного стиля в Милане.

Спасибо Sam Cosami за прекрасные фотографии.

С любовью,
Lady Fur

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