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What are the ideal ingredients for a successful fashion brand? Craftsmanship and technical expertise, certainly. But also an innate taste for innovation and a great creative curiosity. 

BUN is an Italian (they are from Padua!) brand that is both fun and super trendy: during the past fashion weeks I had the chance to wear some of their creations, and I found them an incredibly perfect mix of high quality raw materials and a lovely desire to play with the rules of fashion. 

Features that I absolutely love in a brand, and that I will tell you about more in details in my interview to Francesca Miatto, Founder of Bun.

Where does the idea of BUN come from?

BUN was born from a careful observation of women in today’s world and from a constant research in trying to understand their daily needs.

In this generation, many things have changed and, today, women play many different roles within the same day: mothers who get up early in the morning to spend some time with their children, busy women who are often in a hurry because of their dynamic careers, friends who want to meet after work. All of this summed up into a single human being who often does not have the time to go home and change between one appointment and the other!

Hence the idea of BUN, which was conceived to offer modular outerwear, suitable for different times of the day and different occasions. BUN garments are practical, functional, but at the same time chic and in line with trends.

What makes BUN garments unique is the attention to materials and details. Nylon, storm system and cashmere are of excellent quality and they are all Italian products; the goose-down used in down jackets meets the highest world standards; the fur details, which greatly enrich the garments, are made with certified and traced skins; the trimmings that make the garments so unique are entirely handmade in the company’s laboratories.

The main objective of BUN garments is to make every woman feel at ease at all times of the day! That’s why our motto is #wearbunhavefun!

Who’s your muse?

I have to admit that I don’t have a specific “muse”. The world, the most varied countries, the different cultures, the unique traditions of each population: to me, they are such a source of inspiration. I am a curious person and I love to travel and to deepen my knowledge of different habits and traditions in order to gather inspiration for details and solutions for our collections.

I dream of a world where people are well dressed, and by “well dressed” I mean dressed with class, but I realize that often practicality and class are two elements which are hard to combine.

BUN wants to be a practical and functional brand, but with an emphasis on details and shapes, to create original yet trendy and chic garments.

What is the inspiration for the Bun Fall/Winter 19-20 Collection?

The F/W 19-20 collection is divided into three macro categories:

1. DOWN JACKETS – Short and long garments, characterized by fine fabrics and goose dowm of the highest quality. These elements allow the garments to have an incredibly soft touch, being warm at the same time. All BUN down jackets can be worn as if they were a backpack, to make them practical and functional both during daily activities and shopping.

2. TECHNICAL GARMENTS – These garments are built according to the 3 in 1 formula, therefore offering a perfect solution to any situation that may arise during the day. The outer shell, normally made of a storm-system fabric or treated cotton, can be worn alone and could be also considered as a spring garment, perfect against rain or wind; the inner garment is usually a down jacket that can be also used in formal occasions. The two pieces can then be combined together to create a very warm and practical coat.

3. CASHMERE COATS – In this collection we have presented coats with classic cuts where details make the difference. Fur details and handmade embroideries are the elements that make every piece special.

Which fairs have you attended? Which markets have mostly appreciated your Collection?

The F/W 19-20 Collection has been presented during numerous international fairs:

– La moda Italiana in Seoul

– Moda Italia in Tokyo

– Hong Kong International Fur and Fashion Fair


– Coterie New York

The collection has received positive feedbacks, in particular from the Korean and American markets, together with the international public which has attended TheOneMilano. BUN’s target is a fashion-conscious customer who appreciates regular, easy-to-wear cuts, but loves details and innovative solutions.

What advice would you give to the new generation of young entrepreneurs?

These days, launching a new business is certainly not an easy mission but, to all of those out there who have a new and innovate idea, I would suggest to speak out and never give up. Hard days may cross you way but, hard work, support from talented people and curiosity will be the key factors to achieve your goals. To all of this I would also add a bit of luck!

Photos Matteo Volta

Bun in Shanghai 


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