Fur jacket outfit at The Bund Shanghai

fur jacket outfit
Fur Jacket by Giorgio Magnani

Fur jacket photos from The Bund Shanghai shot at 5am 

With my fur jacket outfit super cool of pure white mink I went to shoot at 5am in front of The Bund. Now you will think I am mad to choose 5am for a shooting. Well I am not completely mad! But I love taking beautiful photos and at 6am in  Shanghai the light is beautiful. Plus the city is always full of people. FULL. There are Chinese everywhere, at any time, plus tourists coming from all over the world. 

I thought of shooting what for me was one of my favourite furs of this autumn winter 2016 2017 in the hours when there are less people. At 5am. My photographer nearly killed me.

We woke up at 4, despite the time difference of 6 hours and we went in front of The Bund to shoot the fur jacket outfit  from Giorgio Magnani. The light at 5am is so delicate that the way it enhances fur skins is incomparable. There was just us, Yana, The Bund and I.

The fur jacket you see in the photo is made with Danish mink and is entirely inlaid on the back. 

As you can see I matched it with vinyl trousers and a black and white top. Thanks Yana Kahakatanova for shooting them. 

In the previous posts I told you of the lows but also the highs I experienced in Shanghai in April.

Back soon!

Kisses your Lady Fur 



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