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Bag by Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur

Kopenhagen Fur Studio. The archive

Kopenahgen Fur studio: Archive and Showroom that I nearly looted

Kopenhagen Fur Studio has an infinite archive of furs. Furs of all types, men, women, accessories, lingerie, furnishings: there is a bit of everything. Creative pieces that were made in collaboration with designers both young and famous and big brands.  

Click here to visit their site.  

If you are stylists and you are looking for furs for your shooting you just have to click here. 

In a fit of desperation I called Kopenhagen Fur Studio in January just before the beginning of the shows that last about a month. 

My fashion month lasted much more than a month, not having just participated in New York, London, Milan and Paris but also in Shanghai Fashion Week and at the Chic fair  (flying to Shanghai twice in a month) plus I don’t know how many times to Doha.

I want to thank Kopenhagen Fur for supporting me, sending me all the furs I requested and giving me some pieces for my collection / own personal archive that I will show you one day. 

Bag: Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur 

Fur: Kopenhagen Fur studio

Photo:Yana Kahakatanova


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