Saga Furs video


Hi Fur lovers

Finally here the video about my experience in Saga Furs.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for the next one.

Here the list of people that I interviewed :

Kalle Ranta-aho, Farmer Services

Päivi Mononen-Mikkilä, Director of Communications and CSR


Pertti Fallenius, Managing Director/CEO

Charles Ross, Head of International Marketing

Fur coat by Saga Furs

Clothes for the day by Manoush and Max&Co ( striped suit )

Dress for the night Plein Sud ( violet )

Jewelry : Radà and vintage from my granny

Miao miao

Lady Fur

Video : Azzurra Piccardi

Makeup and Hair : Timo Raatikainen



  • Nice video!!!! I am so happy that you visited Sagafurs 🙂
    Did see you were in good hands when Kalle did show you the furs!, he have been our farm and learning me to grade minks, he is an real expert

  • Aspettavo con viva curiosità questo video e non sono rimasta affatto delusa: é un video molto interessante e che meraviglia quelle pelli. Capisco la tua emozione e il tuo entusiasmo. Un bacio

  • Samantha

    I just Love your work and wish I’d taken my textile design degree and done something with Scottish cashmere like your doing with fur! To late for me now stuck in a career thats not something I have a passion for. Dont let these anti fur idiots ever get on top of you… I hope your work goes from strength to strength. I love fur like you and sooo know how you feel when your trying on the furs in these videos! I can see the enjoyment and indulgence in your eyes the same as I get…Fashion and Luxury go hand in hand for me… and fur and cashmere are my ultimates… Looks like you had a fab time at SAGA… Your living your dream and passion and educating the world at the same time! AMAZING!!!

    • Perfectly said! Amazing pictures and love the feminine petticoats beneath! She won't let those anti fur types get on top of her! For her next video show her getting on top of them & tickling one senseless!! Hahaha ;))

      Sam – wishing you get to display your obvious passion and talents!! xx

      MORE!!!!!! xxHeather

  • Ottimo video interessante ed esplicativo. Ogni fotogramma riesce a trasmettere l’amore e la passione che dedichi a questo lavoroI.
    Continua su questa strada e non perdere mai l’entusiasmo che ti anima e che traspare chiaramente dall’espressione del tuo bel viso.
    Un plauso particolare anche alla scelta dei tuoi outfit curati, come sempre, anche nei minimi particolari.

  • SAGA fur is such a joke : they provide a ready to use “guilt free” speech so people can think it’s okay to wear fur, but we all know that there’s no excuse to kill animals to wear them. You should’nt be too pride for being so fickle and heartless. Karma is a B**** 🙂

  • You are growing day by day! Tris video is a perfect match of style and elegance! Hope to see another one soon!

  • Wow!!! I’m in love with this video, I fan feel under my skin how much you love tour job and how fashinating the fur fashion world is!

  • Dear Lady Fur, how can you do that? How can you transmit so much just with a video? What can I Say? Inspirational!!!!

  • I like the look of those black fox pelts, your a creative girl so hopefully you will make something nice out of them. And hopefully it will complement your beauty.

  • Sam – absolutely stunning video, watched it more than once! My passion for fur has really grown in the last few years and I’d love to have made something of it like you have! Your blog is always an inspiration and this video is a great example!

  • Wow.. amazing. Beautiful.. i would love to get able to visit Saga too. I loved that black and white fur you are wearing at the end of the video. Would love to see some still photos of you wearing it Lady Fur. f

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