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I apologize if I’ve posted less than usual these days, but it was for a good reason …. WE HAVE MOVED ALL OUR WELOVEFUR ON A NEW SERVER! This was done to enhance the site.

I am writing from Milan, sitting in front of my Mac still excited about the wonderful experience in Helsinki, and if I close my eyes, I can still see the beautiful scenes of the Saga Furs: from the softest skins and colorful brokers, unmatched in their skill … The passion that is able to convey this company and its team is indescribable… it’s a bit like when you fall in love: the thought always runs to the object of desire, you are distracted thinking about how it moves to how you look … yes, I confess, I’m in love with this fantastic company that is like a big family.

The Saga Furs auction is one of the world’s most famous not only for the sale of foxes and minks but also for the Design Center that ever year presents quality and innovation in manufacturing of all fashion brands and more.

Of all the many interesting things I saw at Saga Furs, it was the processing of furs that really impressed me…so much so, that I am still thinking about it! Machining fantastic, very light fur, laser cuts, inlaid cross-stitched wool with colors full of energy. This is the best demonstration that with fur, you can really do everything. It is an extremely versatile material that allows designers to express themselves in their very best way.

The purpose of the Design Center of Saga Furs is to study innovative techniques in order to propose new processes every year. That’s why the fashion houses rely on them, to the Masters of the fur to gain inspiration and learn the new techniques.

The innovation and quality should be the key words of many companies especially in the world of fashion and fur, but unfortunately there are few companies that understand this concept and are consequently left behind.

Fendi, Prada, Marni, and many more like these have gotten the message and are at the forefront of fashion.

The processes proposed by the Design Center may seem complicated at first glance, but once learned by the industry could prevent the waste of fur. In addition, companies would have an added value to their brand regaining not only the old customers with these new ideas, but also a gain a new and younger clientele interested in something novel and exciting…..

But enough talking…what about the videos? We have made two: The first relates to my experience within the auction house and the second is a kind of documentary with interviews and insights.

Tomorrow comes the first: get your popcorn and potato chips ready…

What you see in the photo is the book of SAGA FURS which was given to me at the Gala party celebrating 100 years of activity: 75 years of auctions + 25 years of the design center.

You won’t believe it, but I’ve already read the whole thing!

Miao Miao


lady_fur_coat_saga_furs_auction-house  saga_furs_book_auction_house

 Photo: Jana Anhalt

Dress and Fur: JO NO FUI

Necklaces: Radà 


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