Moondust has come!

Dear fur Lovers let me introduce to you Moondust


1) What is Moondust ?
It is a mink.


2) Why is it a news ?
Because the Moondust mink is a new kind of color.


3) What color is it?
It has wool ( short hair ) white and top hair black and white.  But,
according to his breeders Carsten Susgaard the pattern hasn’t been
definite at all yet.


4) When was it born?
Moondust was born seven years ago and it was proposed at the Kopenhagn
Fur Auction on 20 April 2013.


5) How many skins were introduced ?
They were launched 651 skins of which 397 male and 254 female.


6) How many skins have been sold ?
As many of you know there are different variations of colors between


The breeders are those who have created the famous colors, as :
The Palomino, The Zaffire, The BlackCross, The BluIris, The Sturdat,
The SilverBlue and many others, presenting every years new colors by
coupling minks of color and different breed keeping into account of
the family tree of every singular race with the goal to create a new
Moondust is a Danish mink, it was bred by Carsten Susgaard and the
color wasn’t studied, it was due to case! I can’t wait to go to
Kopenhagen Fur auction on june 2013 to view with my eyes the Moondust.


Miao Miao
Lady Fur
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Miao Miao

Lady Fur




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