Gold Elements: mask with gold and truffle serum

Cream with gold and truffle serum are my two new allies.

Ten trips in three months, twenty projects created, non stop stress, successes, beautiful feelings one after the other, stomach ache and tears: how can you stay fresh and beautiful with all that going on?

I do have a few secrets that I reveal rarely in a category dedicated to beauty tips that I update only when I really believe in a product and I can see its effectiveness.

GOLD ELEMENTS MEGA MASK made me put off my first visit to the plastic surgeon. I am nearly thirty, my skin is aging and I thought I needed a few retouches: I had an appointment before leaving for Shanghai but I postponed it.

I was a bit sceptical because I have bought luxury creams that cost hundreds of euros but that are little effective on my skin.

I trusted the invitation of one of my dear friends, whose skin has been shiny and compact for a few days: “try it Samantha, try it, trust me, you will see the result”.

When I landed in Shanghai, after a fifteen hour flight and a hot bath, MEGA MASK GOLD ELEMENTS. I spread the mask well over my face. I waited 15 minutes then I sprayed MEGA MASK ACTIVATING SERIUM that activates the mask and allows you to remove it.

The result ?

My skin was compact, with a good complexion, shiny, silky, ready for make up and shooting the video.

We shot some crazy photos and video, my photographer and make-up artist were also very happy with our performance.

I didn’t try just the mask but also the truffle serum: my advice?

Use it as a base for your make up and before putting on your moisturizer in the morning.

I am using it loads, I put it on in the morning when I get up and in the evening when I go to bed, before make up, and, on the plane, I spread it on two or three times ( few drops ) because I hate the effects of the air conditioning in the plane.


This refined serum for a revitalizes,  stimulates blood and capillary circulation, uniforms skin tone, provides a large dose of minerals, renews cells and corrects them, giving the face an immediate botox effect thanks to the black diamond: the truffle. Moreover it exfoliates and regenerates cells.


The gold elements in the mega mask make the skin treatment exclusive. Inspired by plastic surgery techniques, it was formulated to suspend the effects of time and bring back the skin’s lost youth. This mask provides four combined actions: peeling, correction, hydration, protection, making the skin visibly younger.

The photos were taken in Shanghai in the luxurious The Langham Hotel during Shanghai Fashion Week.

You can find  GOLD ELEMENTS products here:

  • Porto cervo – Promenade du Port
  • Porto Rotondo – Piazza Quadra 17
  • Courmayeur – Via Roma 63

Photo Umberto Gorra

You can find the GOLD products here

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