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Skandinavik Fur I googled it and I discovered a world of furs even for men! 

Versatile and luxurious, Skandinavik Fur is a third-generation furriers that are expert on working with all types of fur. This is good news for fur fans that are keen to embrace a wide spectrum is different furs in their collection. Skandinavik Fur are proud to offer all types of fur, like mink , fox , lynx , beaver , Persian lamb, raccoon , marten , squirrel, sable, chinchilla and so much more. As well as women’s furs they also create men’s furs and fur blankets and throws, meaning that you can incorporate their pieces into every aspect of your lifestyle.

One of the things we love most about is that they approach women’s furs as an art form. They understand that creating beautiful furs is a sophisticated skill, an act of love, and they use their expert knowledge to bring out the rare beauty in every pelt they work with.

The artisans working for the brand have inherited their knowhow from their grandfathers and fathers, and still use the same simple tools for their work that have been a part of the company since the 18th century. Endless hours of labour and skill go into making each and every piece and the work is demanding. It requires a keen eye for style that the team at Skandinavik Fur have honed perfectly. The tools may be old fashioned but the designs definitely aren’t: modern yet timeless, fashion-forward yet classic, these are women’s furs you’re sure to want to add to your wardrobe.

With that in mind, here are some of our favourite women’s furs, fur collars and trims, and fur blankets and throws currently available on their website:

Women’s Furs

Every woman needs at least one beautiful fur coat in her closet. Not only will they keep you warm and cosy, they look fantastic: nothing can beat the softness and texture of real fur. Skandinavik Fur combine the quality and craftsmanship of the best pelts with high fashion, classic cuts. You’ll look as fabulous as you feel.

A luxurious black fur coat is the perfect versatile piece for the party season. It will look incredible paired with your favorite party dresses and has been designed to sweep around your body, and cut to flatter your curves. Rich, black, beautiful.

This luxurious sable fur coat is an exceptional garment because it is elegant enough to wear over an evening gown for banquets or parties and is also warm enough to wear casually at a winter resort. A classic sable is a timeless piece that will never go out of vogue.

Nothing can quite compare with the texture and softness of chinchilla fur. Sensational texture and amazing beauty meant to flatter and receive compliments mean that you can wear this fur anywhere. It’s subtle grey and silver color will add glamor and elegance to every outfit, and you’re sure to turn heads every time you put on this piece.

This sheared beaver fur coat has an elegant 1970s vintage feel that is bang on trend for this season. The robust fox fur creates an incredible oversized collar in a classic cobra shape that is perfect for cozying up under for all your favorite outdoor activities.

Fur Collars and Trims

Fur collars and trims are an ideal way to inject fashionable fur style into your outfit without investing in a full fur coat. They also offer an excellent way to change the color and style of your outerwear, or your formal wear without the commitment of a wardrobe full of furs. We love the fun that a fur collar offers, as well as the many different styles, colors and patterns available. Here are some of our favorite fur collars and trims from Skandinavik Fur:

If you’re a dedicated fashionista who’ll wear any color as long as it’s black, then this luscious fox fur offers a wonderful chance to embrace your favourite shade and broaden your horizons at the same time. A pop of orange is a great way to liven up any outfit, and the collar also includes a fox tail.

For a classic and timeless look that you can wear year after year, invest in a super-soft and thoroughly decadent chinchilla fur. Throw over your favorite wool or fur coat to add elegance and class into your outfit.

Fur lovers know that fur comes in a host of fun colors! Why not combine them all with this fabulous rainbow scarf which is both vibrant and versatile: incorporating so many shades, it really will go with everything.

Fur Blankets and Throws

Fur blankets and throws will add a decadent and luxurious touch to your bed or your sofa. They look as good as they feel, and they are designed to be incredibly warm, meaning that you’ll stay toasty on even the coldest of winter’s nights. Available in a wide range of different colors and patterns, you’re sure to find the perfect fur blanket or throw to match the style and color scheme of your own interiors from the Skandinavik collection.

Whether you’re looking ahead to Christmas or simply want to inject some color and warmth into those cold winter nights, there’s nothing better than a festive red throw.

Classic and timeless, a natural finish fur throw, such as this beautiful lynx version, will never go out of vogue, and will fit into any room with any color scheme.

What better way to inject vibrant geometric Skandinavian style into your interiors than with this multi-coloured throw with its unusual muted mosaic effect. This throw is perfect for showing off your finger-on-the-pulse style credentials.

Feel pretty in pink thanks to this vibrant and ultra-feminine pink rex fur throw. Ideal for injecting lady-like glamour into a dressing room, bedroom, or other female space.

Skandinavik Fur’s interview 

1)When did you decide to open an online fur shop and why?

Our business is located in Siatista Greece where along with Kastoria the history of fur making dates back to the 16th century. Traders would purchase pelts from Constantinople and proccess them into garments in Siatista and then distribute them back to Central Europe. Our story begins with my grandfather who became a fur maker in the ’60s and then passed the trade to my father. Naturally, I and my brother were exposed to a fur making environment and despite our studies were in totally different fields than fur, our love for our hometown and fur making led us back to the family business. In 2007 we decided to go online and created the brand Skandinavik Fur. The name is a tribute to Skandinavia where most of our pelts come from. Going online was a natural solution to showcase our products globally.

2)What are your furs different from?

It is true that the fur market has to offer a variety of products. Although we handle almost any fur type we take pride in our fully let out coats, our sectional coats, and our chinchilla furs. The fully let out technique requires experience, skill, and patience, qualities that our furriers have mastered. Although it is a time-consuming procedure and many fur makers have abandoned it, the aesthetic result and the swinging motion it offers to a fur garment are unique. The sectional fur making techniques that we use,  such as half skins, chevron patterns, oval patterns etc produce unique looks that are rare to find. 
Furthermore, the sectional fur coats represent our holistic philosophy and respect for nature’s resources. Nothing goes wasted and with deep knowledge, patience, imagination, and skill you can turn fur leftovers to gorgeous fashion items.

3)Why buy fur in your shop? What guarantees do you give?

When buying from Skandinavik Fur you are buying directly from an experienced fur maker that can provide support, knowledge, and aftercare. Our dedicated “Make Your Own” page makes custom orders a piece of cake for the buyer to create the fur of their dreams. Send us a photo or sketch of the fur of your preference and we can make it happen.

4)Which models do you sell the most? (Scarves, Mink, Blankets)

Mink, fox, chinchilla, sable, lynx, blankets and collars comprise the majority of our sales

5)Do you sell a lot of men’s fur?

It is true that traditionally fur was associated with women. However, a man’s fur coat can be a really cool addition to man’s wardrobe and in the past years we receive an increasing amount of men’s fur coat orders. Clients that want a “macho” look are opting for coyote or fin raccoon bomber jackets. Chinchilla coats are popular among celebrities especially rappers and a long fox coat with a notched collar can look very majestic. For a more elegant look, they choose mink. For those who are more conservative a fur-lined parka or a leather jacket lined with fur , are excellent choices. 

6) I love your blog very much especially this post – how often do you post?Thank you for the compliment. To be honest we do not post very often. However, when we do, we want to make sure that the information in our blogs educates the fur consumer and provides valuable insights to the fur industry.
7)Any previews of your new collection?

We are adding new pieces all year long

8)Will you come to TheOneMilano? If yes see you there.

I would love to. 

Thank you 

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