From my last experience in Beijing here are some helpful tips on hotels, location and even some ideas


Book an INTERNATIONAL hotel always with several stars, not Chinese, unless you do know the language.

In the Chinese hotel they do not speak English, most of the food is local so it is difficult to recognize what you have on your plate =)

I advise the Kerry Hotel, well located in the center of Beijing. The staff is great, always helpful and kind and the food is something indescribable.


If you love shopping like me and also love fur coats you should go to Sanlitun Village. This is one of my favorite areas. Next to  spatious super modern and fashionable shops are very old streets with  very special shops where you can find unique pieces. Even FURS !! And speaking of these you should go to  Yashow Market where you can find all kinds of furs on clothing: from hats and swimwear, clothing and fur to crazy pieces of all kinds.

Another place that I loved is very old style Nanluogu Lane: here you can look find crazy and tasty food dishes like breaded fried crabs, sticks of meat and tasty beverages.

In Beijing there are real bargains, for example, I found wigs of real hair and fringes at low cost. =)=) The fringe that I had in Italy has undergone a few changes like the color and the cut you want and now I wear it every other day.

I bought everything, cover for Iphone, Ipad, Video Camera, Photo Camera, colored tracksuits, bags, dishes and local crafts.



Temple Restaurant Beijing is a unique eating experience at a Tibetan temple. (I’m afraid it’s a bit ‘expensive: the lunch was offered to me, but I think it’s worth it)

If you love dumplings and noodles you should go to the Black Sesame Kitchen. Scrumptious I would definitely go back, the food is traditional Chinese.

Kerry Hotel Restaurant Yummy Yummy =)

On the 24th I go back to China and I will tell you my experiences.

Miao Miao

Lady Fur =)


Photo : Davide Micciulla

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