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lady fur

I haven’t written personal posts like this for months because I have been really very busy.

I have just got back from Copenhagen.

Kopenhagen Fur has taken me on as Business Advisor.

Actually I have just come back from New York, London, Milan, Paris, Dubai, Doha and Copenhagen.

As you already know, I also work for the magazine Grazia Arabia (Qatar).

My web agency in Milan, is growing like crazy.

I have second blog where I share the photos that are not connected to the world of fur (as my boyfriend is a Photographer, it would be a shame not to publish the photos he takes of me).

Now you will be thinking ‘And She has abandoned welovefur!

No! I haven’t done It and never would.

Many of you think do I too many things! Yes, it’s true I do many, because I can thanks to my team.

The team that I have built with years of effort and sacrifices.

I have a partner and a team. We are few but extremely talented.

We have become a real family!

I stopped posting on welovefur because it was hot and I didn’t want to shoot photos with fur in summer or in Doha with a 40 degree heat. My posts are written following SEO rules so even if I don’t post nothing bad happens. My blog continues to position itself and grow in followers.

Now it is cold, I will go back to posting on my beloved niche blog.

Now I’ve got you here: do you know web editors that are passionate about our sector and know how to write respecting SEO rules and that could be interested in working for me?

Well! if you know anyone, please give them my email.


Be back soon
Lady Fur

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