Real Fur or Fake Fur: which Will Biodegrade Faster?

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Natural Fur Versus Fake Fur: which will biodegrade faster? All answers in this post studies and research

Natural Fur or Fake Fur? I shared an important post about the difference that will let you shocked! 

Are you environmentally conscious? Want to do your bit to help save the planet? We are often asked which is better for the environment: natural fur or faux fur.

Now we have the answer!

A new study has shown that, when it comes to their environmental impact, faux fur is one of the worst fabrics you can buy. This is because when placed in the ground faux fur doesn’t biodegrade at all.

The study was conducted by experts from the Organic Waste Systems laboratory in Ghent, Belgium.

The team took pelts of natural fur and pelts of faux fur and placed them in replicated landfill conditions to see what would happen. What they found was that the natural fur samples all biodegraded over time, whilst the fake fur samples simply didn’t. This is because faux fur is a form of conventional plastic:  when it is buried it will last forever.

Dangerous Fake Fur in Our Waterways

Do you have a lot of furs? Imagine if every one of the beautiful furs you keep hanging in your closet was faux. Think of all the needless destruction of our planet!

Every fake fur coat sends a huge amount of plastic to landfill. This is because it contains no bacteria that can degrade away. Not only will real fur biodegrade faster than fake fur, fake fur won’t actually completely break down at all. When they do breakdown after many years, synthetic fashion materials simply convert into smaller plastic pieces.

This forms microplastic fibres, which enter our waterways and are a key contributor to the dangerous water pollution problem we are currently experiencing.

Always Choose Real Fur

Real fur has a huge environmental value. It is clearly the best choice. Choosing your new winter coat? Want to protect the delicate ecosystem that surrounds us (and that benefits both humans and animals)?  Then choose natural, organic fibres.

We value its environmental benefits as well as it’s superior warmth, softness, and luxurious quality. Fur is the oldest product in the world and it has an incredible history.

Looking to make the right choice? Choose real fur!


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