Top Reasons Fake Fur Isn’t The Best Choice For the Environment

fake fur bad choice

Fake fur Isn’t the best choice for the environment: why? All you need to know in one post!

Fake fur is the future because don’t kill any animals! Of course this sentence is WRONG! The post you are going to read is basic but In another post we explained in deep why Fake furs are poison proving that what we are writing is all true.

You will be shocked!

Again and again: fake furs are poison.

Have you started to think about living sustainably? Its something everyone is talking about and sustainability is a huge buzz word in the fashion industry right now. Environmentally conscious fashionistas are choosing to make sustainable decisions when choosing what pieces to buy and wear.

Think that means choosing fake fur? You’re wrong! The fashion industry’s commitment to faux fur is misguided. Real fur is a much better choice for the environment. Here’s why:

Fake Fur is Bad For the Environment

Fake fur is manufactured using chemicals that were derived from fossil fuels: in fact, petroleum is the main component in the majority of faux fur products, which also utilities nylon and polyester. These fabrics are the main cause of microfibre pollution, which is building up in water ways and having a hugely negative impact on marine life. They are also environmentally intensive to produce, and don’t biodegrade.

By contrast, real fur is organic and all-natural. Either produced in farms or as a renewable surplus of the food industry, choosing real fur can actually maintain sustainable populations of wildlife in the outside world. It also biodegrades overtime, uses minimal chemical treatment, and is much less labour intensive to produce.

Whilst real fur will biodegrade over time, meaning it will have minimal environmental impact, fur pelts will last decades longer in a useful form than faux fur versions, meaning that you won’t have to waste money (and precious resources) buying a new coat winter after winter. For all of these reasons and more, real fur is much better for the environment than faux fur.

Sustainability is Vital

Sustainability is vital for preserving the environment. The long-term negative effects of plastic in the world’s oceans has been emphasises again and again by both scientists and world leaders. So when you’re choosing your winter coat this year, and have sustainability in mind, real fur really is the better choice. There are too many problematic issues with choosing a faux fur alternative, and the negative impacts on the environment by far outweighs any perceived benefits of avoiding real fur. There’s no reason to fake it with fur, when real fur is one of the best and most sustainable consumer products on the market.

Expert Views

I supports this sustainable fur usage giving consulting to fashion brands, sharing posts on my blog and writing article on other magazines.

I make no secret of the fact that we love real fur because of its quality and its luxury. Its environmental credentials only help to make it an even better choice for anyone who wants to do their bit to save our planet. 

Want to live sustainably? Choose real fur! 


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