A Guide to Buying Vintage Fur

vintage fur guide

A Guide to Buying Vintage Fur all my tips here 

Thinking of buying a vintage fur? There are lots of reasons why this is a great choice! Vintage furs tend to be more affordable. They are considered ‘guilt-free’. And you can find a wide range of great designs.

Not sure where to start? Here’s our quick guide to buying vintage fur:

Condition is Key

The most important thing to consider is the condition of the fur. If it has any rips or tears, then leave it on the rack. These can be very costly to repair: often more than you will pay for the coat. You should also make sure that the fur doesn’t shed or malt. This can be a sign that it is coming to the end of its natural life.

Touch and Texture

Why not go to a fur showroom and feel a new fur? This will give you an idea of what your vintage fur should feel like. Soft and supple. If the fur or the leather feels hard or brittle this is another sign that the coat is coming to the end of its life. Don’t settle for second rate fur. Pass by and keep looking.

Fit, Fit, Fit

It can be very expensive to remodel vintage furs. Looking for a fur coat on a budget? Expensive is not a word you want to hear! For this reason, only buy a vintage fur if it fits you perfectly. If it’s too big, too small, or the sleeves are too long then pass. You’ll never wear a coat that doesn’t fit!

We love vintage fur. And there are some incredible pieces available to choose from. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the world of fur. But beware: one is never enough! Once you shop, you won’t stop!

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