Working with seal fur. A great stimulus for real creatives and connaisseurs.


And here you are! As promised in the previous post for who hasn’t read it (click here) I will share with you some of the work  with seal done by Kick Kopenhagen Fur .

Naturally these are only a small part of the work that I saw. Be inspired but know that more, much more can be done. Try to think how you would use seal. Differently from other furs you don’t have to nail it and it’s much easier to sew and work with.


For creatives seal fur could be the best aspiration to express their own genius.

Its flexibility lends itself to the creativity and fantasy of the designers. Moreover it is easy to colour. The skin also absorbs colour very well. We can even obtain beautiful pastel tones.

I already have a thousand ideas whirling around my head…And you?

To finish let me repeat that, differently from material, fur can be dyed, cut, lengthened, shaved, epilated, inlayed, reused: in other words you can do anything and everything.

Here below are the photos of the work.

Happy viewing, best wishes and creative dreams, if you fall in love as I did, you won’t stop thinking what to do with this fantastic material.

Padded, cuff effect


Seal fur coloured blue  with applied silver strips



Orange coloured seal fur inlaid with mink strips


Seal fur with incut skin


3D working ( print on skin )

seal_seal_skins_colors_groend_kopenhagenfur_lady_fur seal_new-processing_welovefur_lady





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