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Hi everyone. This post is not written by Lady Fur, but by me MF, her photographer and video maker. Given that she has been saying she wants to write a post for three hours but keeps getting lost in the auction between mink and sable, I decided to do it myself.


I am in bits because I have been running after her and her scooter all morning all round the Kopenhagen Fur auction in the middle of twenty-five million mink, fox, chincilla, sable, marmot, beaver furs and others besides but, in the end, we managed to shoot a video regarding the furs of this really important Danish Auction House: Kopenhagen Fur.

I took the photos that you will see in this post at Kick Design Studio, aan old, elegant building situated in the centre of Copenhagen.

I managed to take advantage of the natural light to bring out the expance and the beauty of the spaces.




To bring out the mink fur of my shoes, I just had to make the most of the direct light from the window.

Working with Lady Fur in the fur world is a highly formative and inforgettable experience.




See you soon! MF

Fur coat in rex with back in python LADY FUR, Skirt in latex milk color ank top in angora ROBERTO COLLINA, heeels in mink fur KICK KOPENHAGEN FUR, bag BENEDETTA BRUZZICHES

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