On the 27th of January 2014 at 10 o’clock in the morning, I found myself at LIMELIGHT Showroom of the Zappieri Group to deliver my collection.

To begin the sales campaign at Limelight is a great starting point.

The Zappieri Group is one of the most important showrooms in all of Italy.

From this showroom, many big designers have passed through that have made the history of fashion such as Franco Moschino, who had entrusted his first sales campaign to them. Needless to say, it was a great success.

My collection is located on the ground floor of the showroom close to important brands such as Karl Lagerfeld.

I designed this collection by carefully observing my Russian, American and Chinese girlfriends, and in particular my good girlfriends of Turin and Milan.


Talking to them, in-depth, I tried to understand their desires.

The result: all agreed in possessing a garment with fur that is not too challenging to wear on a daily basis, practical in most situations, elegant but young and not too expensive.

So what are you guys waiting for to come and view the collection ?

All stores that choose to buy my collection will have a tribute to their shop advertised on my blogs,,,

LIMELIGHT Via Pietro Mascagni 2 Milano cap 20122

E-mail : Telephone : +39 02 54 12 34 96 .

The collection is composed of fifty pieces.

Fur in rex, some inlaid with mink and fox, jackets in fabric (a mix of fabrics and details made in Como resulting from an extensive research) combined with foxes and skins such as python and crocodile.

Including accessories such as bags, sleeves, scarves, fur stoles that are hand-embroidered with stones, all made in Italy.

The colors vary from pink, purple, yellow, orange, black and gray.

accessories_in_furs_bags_in_fur_lady_fur collection of lady_fur_fur_colorful_luxurylimelight_group_zappieri_showroom_lady_furchiara_ferragni_ostrich_leather_supergashowroom_limelight_group_zappieriuber_lady-fur_welovefur lady_uber_milano_welovefur limelight_group_zappieri_showroom_lady-fur

I’m waiting for you all.

PS: I recommend using UBER to cross the city. Travel in style!

A kiss from freezing Copenhagen,

Miao Miao

Lady Fur

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  • I thank you for your sharing your expensive fur collection.While I maintain no explicit interest in furs, i do recall buying some caps here and there while one Dane did buy one cap from me while hiking. Apart from this I got no professional interest in fur. Thank you.

  • I am so in love with your blog. FINALLY a place on the internet where I can indulge and express my love for fur without being criticized about wearing it! I love your collection + you are absolutely fabulous!

    • I totally agree because even here in Canada were alot of the fur comes from there are so many who still look down on those who wear it. Its refreshing to read a blog like this were so many who love fur can share their passion. Thank you Samantha !!!

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