My sorting course at the most important auction house in the world – Kopenhagen Auction House

First post about my experience at Kopenhagen Fur sorting course

From May to June I was in Copenhagen attending the course on fur skin sorting and grading at Kopenhagen Fur which is the the largest and most important fur auction in the world.

The amazing experience

It was one of the best experiences of my life not only because I learnt a lot about skins but always because I met some wonderful people ( my Chinese, Greek, Spanish, German, Russian and Japanese classmates and simply adorable teachers ).

The sorting course

The sorting course was incredibly useful because we were taught all the processes that are necessary to obtain a skin in its natural state ready for sale, we went to see the mink farms ( where they live in the green outdoors and are given vitamin and protein rich food ), then we saw the mink and cincilla tanneries ( where they explained the whole tanning process ), the sorting of the skins, their sale at auction, the work of the brokers and finally we were allowed to participate in an auction and it was an UNFORGETTABLE experience, a real adrenalin rush.

Copenhagen is amazing, the architecture, the colours, the culture, the sweets are all great memories and luckily I will soon be there again to go to the fur auction.

I have uploaded a few pictures of my classmates who I miss so much and of my friend Johnathan who I adore and who I meet in a few months in NY.

If you want more information about Kopenhagen Fur click here

PS: The only bad memory I have of Copenhagen is when my mac containing half my life was stolen at the airport.

Lady Fur

Kopenhagen fur auction entrance

lady fur in kopenhagen fur
Lady Fur 2012 Copenhagen
Copenhagen Denmark view
Copenhagen Denmark 2012
Copenhagen Denmark river view
house in Copenhagen

Copenhagen view outdoor

lady fur at work with barbies
 Lady Fur at work
 lady fur at work in Copenhagen              lady fur at work in Kopenhagen Auction House
Lady Fur during the  Kopenhagen Auction House

lady fur on a bench of Kopenhagen Auction House

Lady fur certificates
Lady fur certificates!

Jonathan and Lady Fur  at Kopenhagen Design Studio
Jonathan friend picJonathan  and lady fur together
Sofa in Kopenhagen auction houseLong sofa inside Kopenhagen auction house

Fur pillows

Examples of stylish fur women shoes
 Lady fur and Христос
lady fur with a friend


Miaohua , Lady Fur and Renè
Miaohua , Lady Fur and Renè
best beautiful friend Jonathan
My best beautiful friend Jonathan
lady fur friend Jonathan
Outside Kopenhagen auction house
 Beautiful chinese  friends
lady fur chinese friends
lady fur chinese friends
lady fur night with chinese friends
♡ Xiao Lady Fur and Lise ♡
friends lady fur


 Kopenhagen Design Studio
 Chinchilla fur skins
Chinchilla fur skins
 My special BEAUTIFUL class =)

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