Mink Farm

Many of you will think I’m crazy to publish this video.

Some fashion brands have shown they don’t want to collaborate with me because my blog is called LADY FUR and I explicitly declare that I love and wear fur.

If my blog were called Lady Fur, I would certainly have been able to work with many fashion brands that anyway use leather and fur.

Life for me, as for furriers, farmers, producers and all sector operators, is never easy. There is too much hypocrisy dictated by wrong information.

There have been many requests: I thought about sharing with you this video shot inside a mink farm in Denmark that I had already visited three years ago when I attended the Sorting course at Kopenhagen Fur. In the video you will find only mink but many other species live on this model farm and there is also a research laboratory.

I sincerely hope to be able to debunk some false myths of this sector also because there aren’t many videos on the subject going around the web. There are false ones that show atrocities that have nothing to do with this sector that is super controlled by the IFF with very hard laws ( for example: business closure for lawbreakers )

First: The animals are not skinned alive.

Second : As you can note, the animals, in this case minks, are not mistreated, are fed with fresh food rich with vitamins and show no sign of fear of human beings. The mink is, by nature, a solitary animal that loves to live always in the same place, so being born in captivity, it suffers less than other species from living in a cage.

A mink farm can absolutely not be compared to a farm for meat to slaughter….

In our case the farmer’s work is not easy and is also rather tiring. He is a type of designer, who, as well as taking care of the animals, studies the coat carefully, it’s transformation from one year to the next analysing the family tree rigorously.

Some times a new colour is created that is presented to Kopenhagen Fur to be put on the market.

The farmer’s main objective is to keep the animal well, to let him grow in the best possible conditions: only in this way can you get the best furs.

And I would like to conclude confessing that I know the farmers and making this film was a beautiful experience.

I hope it has been informative for you πŸ™‚ a kiss LADY FUR




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